Administrative Documents

March 2011 Statement of Cash Flows 2011 (year to date)
March 2011 P&L Actual vs. Budget
March 2011 Statement of Financial Position
Feb 2011 Statement of Financial Position
Feb 2011 Monthly P&L Financial Report
Starts Goals - from the strategic plan
Proposed Rules Changes Regarding Junior Team
2010-11 Proposed board assignments by Strategic Plan goals
Proposal - operating reserves policy
2011 Championship Bids for consideration at January 2011 BoD meeting
January 2011 BOD Meeting Agenda
2010 Endowment Fund Annual Report
2011 Budget Memo
2011 Budget Proposal
2009 Endowment Fund Financial Report
Endowment Fund Bylaws
Ski-O Team Bylaws
Proposed Amendments to Bylaws
Mission Statement
Final Strategic Plan for 2010-2014