Future Champions Cup

The Future Champions Cup, created in 2012, is the Junior version of the Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup. The competition pits members of the Junior orienteering teams of the North American federations against each other in pursuit of a trophy.

Eligibility and Scoring (for 2012 and future years)

Eligibility: To count in the scoring for the FC Cup, runners must have full passport-holding citizenship of the country they are representing prior to the start of a race. Runners must also be members in good standing of the national federation they are representing prior to the start of a race. In case there is a need for last-minute membership (new or renewal), it will be sufficient to give the necessary paperwork and payment to the event director or his/her designated subordinate.

Before the competitions begin, any runners who are potentially eligible to represent more than one North American federation must declare which country they intend to represent. Because this cup is a friendly competition, on a trial basis, there will not be a “credentials committee” but protests will be referred to a jury to determine eligibility.


  1. For the individual events when there are M20 and F20 and M18 and F18 classes (as is currently the practice in the USA), each class and race will be scored separately with 15 for first, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The best three for each country count.
  2. For the individual events when there are M17-20 and F17-20 classes (as is currently the practice in Canada), the junior scoring will be the same as for the seniors.
  3. The relay, and there will be just a M20 relay and a F20 relay, is scored as for the seniors, i.e., 50 for first team, 30 for second, 20 for third, 10 for fourth.

In situations where junior classes run the same course as the senior classes, juniors are eligible to be scored as both a junior and a senior.

Winning FC Cup Team by Year

2016 — USA (Scoring List)

  • Brigitte Bordelon, USMAOC
  • Margaret Bowerman, DVOA
  • Evalin Brautigam, WCOC
  • Isabel Bryant, CSU
  • Siri Christopherson, COC
  • Tyra Christopherson, COC
  • Julia Doubson, BAOC
  • Austin Fowler, GAOC
  • Ethan Hall, NEOC
  • Will Hubsch, LAOC
  • Michael Laraia, MNOC
  • Thomas Laraia, MNOC
  • Turner Leigh, QOC
  • Aidan Minto, ICO
  • Kestrel Owens, GMOC
  • Todd Park, SOAR
  • Sarah Petersen, BAOC
  • Anton Salmenkyla, CSU
  • Caroline Sandbo, COC
  • Deirdre Young, HVO
  • Peter Zakrevski, HVO

2014 — USA

  • Evalin Brautigam, WCOC
  • Isabel Bryant, CSU
  • Ethan Childs, GMOC
  • Austin Fowler, GAOC
  • Will Hubsch, BAOC
  • Michael Laraia, MNOC
  • Addie Nolan, QOC
  • Matej Sebo, BAOC
  • Melanie Sergiev, GMOC
  • Katrina Weinmann, COC
  • Anne Wilkinson, COC

2012 Tie between USA and Canada

  • Alexander Bergstrom, OOC
  • Trevor Bray, YOA
  • Kerstin Burnett, YOA
  • Robert Graham, OOC
  • Molly Kemp, OOC
  • Jennifer MacKeigan, YOA
  • Roan McMillan, GVOC
  • Kendra Murray, YOA
  • Darya Sepandj, FWOC
  • Michael Svoboda, FWOC
  • Gavin Tasker, EOOC
  • Emma Waddington, GHO
  • Adam Woods, GVOC

  • Dana Breseman, COC
  • Aleck Breton, HVO
  • Anna Breton, HVO
  • Elina Breton, HVO
  • Isabel Bryant, NEOC
  • Andrew Childs, GMOC
  • Ethan Childs, GMOC
  • Theodore Fong, USMAOC
  • Josh Hilberg, QOC
  • Will Hubsch, LAOC
  • McKenzie Hudgins, USMAOC
  • Michael Laraia, MNOC
  • Zachary Lyons, ROC
  • Addie Nolan, QOC
  • Nathan Ohrwaschel, DVOA
  • James O'Keefe, USMAOC
  • Meg Parson, NEOC
  • Mathew Rogers, COC
  • Chase Thatcher, DVOA
  • Corey Thatcher, DVOA
  • Carl Underwood, NEOC
  • Anne Wilkinson, COC