Current U.S. Trail Orienteering Rankings

The event algorithm is as follows: T O logo

Competitor’s ranking points
RP = A - B points, where
A = Competitor’s score/Winner’s score x 100 and
B = (Competitor’s time / Maximum time penalty) x (100 /  Winner’s score)       
A competitor has 17 controls correct with two  timed controls = 55sec.   The winner had 20 controls correct.
A = 17 / 20 x 100 = 85.0; B = 55/270 x 100/20 = 1.02; RP = 85 - 1.02 = 83.98 pts

For the Ranking list
The sum of the top 3 Ranking Points for the last 7 OUSA ranking events and WTOC events for the same time, are divided by 3 to determine overall ranking. Apparent ties are resolved to the 4th decimal place. Trail O Event Directors and Course Setters receive a credit.


Para = Paralympic class, 

2018 Orienteering USA Precision O Rankings list            detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)  WTOC Public results for 2017 were included this year for the first time.  If you have results for prior  years that you wish included (They must have been on the same course used for a qualifier/final event.) please contact me.

2018 Orienteering USA Temp-O Rankings( Test)  Formal ranking methodology not yet established.

2017 Orienteering USA Temp-O Rankings

2017 Orienteering USA Precision O Rankings list            detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

Past years:

2016 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings list, May-2016             detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2015 Orienteering USA OreO Rankings list             detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2014 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings list (2 or more events)                  detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)

2013 Orienteering USA Trail O Rankings                                                 detailed (Excel spreadsheet; .xlsx)