SafeSport Training


All adults who interact with children in our national or local orienteering events are required to take the SafeSport training program, covering the topics of bullying, hazing, harassment and physical, sexual and emotional abuse in sport.

This requirement has been in place for Orienteering USA (OUSA) coaches, board members, and national-level coaches and chaperones since 1 July 2014. As of February 2018, federal law requires that amateur sports organizations offer training in recognizing and reporting child abuse to all youth-serving adults.

We also require that Orienteering USA administrators (including the Board) take the training, and recommend that all board members of our member clubs take the training. In addition, the law requires that we make the training available to all minors with parental consent. For more information on the PROTECTING YOUNG VICTIMS FROM SEXUAL ABUSE AND SAFE SPORT AUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2017, see its complete text at

Any adult who is authorized by OUSA or a member club to interact with minors is a mandatory reporter. That means that any suspicions of child abuse, including but not limited to sexual abuse, must be reported within 24 hours. 

OUSA works with the U.S. Center for SafeSport for both the training program and reporting. To report concerns, call SafeSport at 720-531-0340, or submit your concerns online at

In 2018, OUSA will cover the cost for OUSA members' SafeSport training, as a benefit of membership. For a fee of $10, we also make the training available for non-OUSA members who meet one of several conditions, including being a member of a local orienteering club, being the parent of an OUSA junior, or being involved with juniors at a local orienteering club (e.g. teaching or chaperoning).

In order to take the training, please start by applying for an account using this form. You should hear back within a week with your login information. When you complete all three portions of the training, please download the PDF of the certificate showing you completed the overall training (all three sections), and send it back to the OUSA SafeSport administrators. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Andrea Schneider or Barbara Bryant.*

Thanks for helping to create a safe and supportive environment for all orienteers!

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updated 24 Sept 2018
first posted in 2014; updated 24 January 2018