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2019 OUSA National Trail Orienteering Team

The U.S. Trail Orienteering Team is a designated group of advanced competitors that exists to promote and encourage the highest competitive standards for Trail Orienteering and to represent the United States at international events.

The team is composed of the 10 highest-ranked applicants from each class in the U.S. Trail Orienteering Rankings who meet eligibility conditions and agree to be active, supportive team members.

The National Trail Orienteering Team for 2019 is as follows:


  • Joe Brautigam (WCOC)
  • Sharon Crawford (RMOC)
  • Clare Durand (LAOC)
  • Richard H. Ebright (DVOA)
  • Richard Y. Ebright (DVOA)
  • Jay Hann (BAOC)
  • Mika Latva-Kokko (NEOC)
  • Mike Poulsen (CROC)
  • Julia Zielczynska (HVO)


  • Richard Alcaraz
  • Daniel Heimgartner (QOC)
  • Christ Rasmussen (A/L)
  • Kristofer Reckner
  • Julius Schram (A/L)

Applications for the Paralympic class will remain open indefinitely unless the Paralympic team fills. To apply, visit:

Team composition announced 16 January 2019


The following athletes have been selected to represent the USA at the World Trail Orienteering Championships taking place in Daugavpils, Latvia from August 4 to 11, 2018.

Paralympic Class

  • Daniel Heimgartner (QOC)
  • Christ Rasmussen (CRNA)
  • Julius Schram (CRNA)

Open Class

  • Sharon Crawford (RMOC)
  • Mika Latva-Kokko (NEOC)
  • Mike Poulsen (CROC)

Accompanying Team Officials

  • Russ Myer
  • 1st Sgt Peter Tiller

Team Archives

General information about Trail Orienteering and eligibility for the Paralympic competition can be found on the website of the International Orienteering Federation, and also at www.trailo.org. NOTE: Current Trail O rules published by the IOF.

U.S. Trail Orienteering Committees

  • OUSA National Trail-O Team, Executive Steering Committee Chair: Clare Durand, 818-200-7377 (rules [at] orienteeringusa [dot] org)
  • Trail Orienteering Sanctioning: Clare Durand, 818-200-7377 (rules [at] orienteeringusa [dot] org)
  • Trail Orienteering Development: Russ Myer, (russmyer08 [at] gmail [dot] com)
updated 26 December 2018