OUSA Mapping Clinic at Older Dash

You can orienteer at the Older Dash in Gunstock, NH and learn more about mapping, too. Friday October 18th, the day before the event, a mapping workshop will be held at a nearby site for those interested in learning how to map. The workshop will use LIDAR data to assist in the mapping process.

The workshop will start at 9:00 AM and end around 4:00 PM (you can probably leave early if you want to run the model event). LIDAR use and how to get it will be part of the discussion.

This workshop is for people new to mapping and people who want to learn a bit more about the process. Experienced mappers may also benefit because of discussions about what and how to map. You can talk with others about the process that is often done in the woods, alone, so feedback and discussion about how to map is always helpful.

At the workshop, attendees will work with a basemap, aerial photos and other data to learn the basics of making field notes with the goal of creating orienteering maps. Discussions will be focused on what and how to map particular areas. This will be hands-on and materials will be provided for making field notes. The materials provided will be traditional map boards and colored pencils. There will be no charge for the workshop although you must pre-register so there are enough materials for all the participants. 

Email Peter Goodwin to register or to get more information.

2019 Golden Service Award Recipients


Here is a bullet list of Glenn’s accomplishments and activities promoting our beloved sport:

  • Longtime Board member and current Vice-President of Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club (GPHXO)
  • Organized and directed dozens of local events for GPHXO, TSN, JROTC and Arizona high schools
  • Created over 30 new event maps in Arizona and at least 10 teaching maps. Glenn has stayed on the forefront of mapping technology, and produces the highest quality maps we have.  He explores different event formats, such as Score-DOH! and JOM (Just One Map) which add to the fun and improve skills.
  • Significant support for the 2018 and 2019 Southwest Spring Weeks. Glenn helped the TSN club with their NRE events, and he served as Meet Director and Mapping Coordinator for the First Water Classic NRE event in Phoenix.
  • Sponsored and coached Nakai Lake, a candidate for U.S. Youth Team 2014-2016, at national events and tryouts.
  • Formed lasting relationships with Prescott Air Force JROTC, Embry-Riddle University, Prescott High Schools, and Arizona scouting organizations
  • Glenn is the GPHXO equipment manager.  In addition to making sure we have enough materiel, Glenn designs and builds equipment specific to our terrain and needs.
  • Conceived and conducted numerous beginner’s clinics in Arizona.


1st SGT Toby Henson has provided outstanding and dedicated service to Florida Orienteering and to the entire national high school JROTC Community. Toby, from the beginning of his affiliation with FLO, has coordinated all Florida based High School JROTC participation at regular FLO events. In recent years—approximately the past five years—these efforts have culminated, in particular, with:

  1. Spearheading the creation of an online pre-registration system for all high school units attending regularly scheduled public orienteering events hosted by FLO, averaging over 120 cadets at each major FLO event through the years.
  2. Single-handedly establishing and heading up his high school unit’s serving as host to an annual JROTC 3-day training camp (about to hold its 15th season!), assisted by FLO officers and attended by 200 to 400 high school cadets from across Florida each year.
  3. Heading up his high school unit’s hosting the 2018 U.S. National Navy JROTC Championships, again assisted by FLO officers, attended by over 300 pre-qualified cadets from across the United States, including Florida and Southeastern U.S. units.

Furthermore, Toby contributed vital contacts and encouragement during the formation of member club Suncoast Orienteering and Adventure Racing (SOAR) to assist that club in its foundational efforts. SOAR is now fully established and thriving with a largely JROTC clientele. In summary, Toby has been invaluable to the historic and ongoing success of orienteering in Florida and has proven to be a significant factor in the growth of JROTC orienteering participation far beyond the local club level.


Thurston and Bonnie Miller are recognized for their service to Orienteering Cincinnati, OUSA, and to their community in propagating orienteering to the South Bend, Indiana, local region. Thurston and Bonnie home school their four kids and for many years have brought the entire family to OCIN events, often a five-hour drive each way. They advocated for and convinced Orienteering Cincinnati to have four parks in the Michiana, Indiana, area professionally mapped. They have used those four maps to support numerous events in their local area, typically involving very long drives to pick up gear either in Cincinnati, or halfway to the Indianapolis area. They’ve hosted orienteering teaching events in Indiana and near Cincinnati for Home School Families. They’ve gotten interest and attendance from Notre Dame ROTC units. Bonnie and Thurston are reliable volunteers for OCIN’s Flying Pig and Winter Pig National Ranking Events, where they often work as start crew, as well as Junior Team fundraiser support by organizing the sandwich sales or putting on various maze-orienteering challenges. They have, along with their children, become proficient at course setting, vetting, and the various computer skills needed to run events, including SportIdent download. We recognize and thank Thurston Miller and Bonnie Miller for their exemplary service to orienteering at the local, regional, national, and international level.


Mike has been a member of LAOC for over twenty years and in that time has served as President for a few years. Most importantly, Mike is one of our regular course setters who is especially supportive of our national events. He has served most recently as the middle distance course setter at our Camp Scherman national event a few years ago. He also directed our first national meet at Vasquez Rocks, which was the 2001 Relay Champs. Additionally, he has vetted courses for a number of other national events. Mike is a significant asset to OUSA due to his support of these events and we wish to honor his commitment to the sport.


Mike is recognized for his dedication as course setter for 20 years of The Possum Trot, the mass-start “goat” race hosted annually by PTOC. Mike has designed all the Possum Trot courses. This event has become an important fixture on the midwest schedule and draws repeat competitors from Missouri, Illinois, Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Mike tirelessly designs the course, vets the area and puts out tapes over an approximately 13 km course every year.

List of Award Recipients

2019 President’s Awards Recipients

Kris Beecroft

Kris is recognized for her exceptional work as President and Secretary of OUSA, putting in a considerable amount of time and work above and beyond the usual requirements of these positions during a transitional time for the organization.

Pat Meehan

Pat is recognized for his exceptional work as VP of Finance for OUSA, putting in a considerable amount of time and work above and beyond the usual requirements of this position during a transitional time for the organization.

Jordan and Jennifer Laughlin

The Laughlins are recognized for their service on the Technology Committee. They have been instrumental in helping the organization transition to use of GSuite for file sharing and internal communications. In addition, they have put considerable work into the implementation of a new website and are helping to oversee the work of updating Event Register.

List of Award Recipients

2019 Silva Award Winner, Donna Fluegel

Donna has published Orienteering North America (ONA) for the past twenty years. During her tenure the magazine has continued to serve as a significant communication tool for OUSA and as a primary benefit for our members. This is a labor of love for Donna, with OUSA funds only covering the basic costs of publication.

In addition to her exceptional work with ONA, Donna also served on the OUSA board for 11 years (2005-2016). Among the positions she held were Secretary and VP Marketing. She was an excellent administrator in this capacity.

Donna also championed National Orienteering Day (NOD) and for years served as the primary point of contact for clubs participating in this initiative. She coordinated a nationally publicized schedule of NOD events, secured sponsors, and distributed sponsor and OUSA materials to the clubs. She kept NOD going until it was superseded by World Orienteering Day.

List of Award Recipients