Orienteering Map Program for Schools and Non-Profit Youth Organizations

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Please Note: This page is for reference only and the links in this post are no longer valid and have been disabled. Please refer to this link for the most recent updates and current forms. {As of June 5th, 2020}


Our goal is to make it easy for any school or non-profit youth-serving organization in the United States to get a standard orienteering map and isometric drawing made of their school or nearby park to help in teaching orienteering. OUSA will take information from mappers and schools, and match them up.


$2000 per square kilometer, with a minimum of $500 for each school campus or park. (A typical urban school or small park will be $500.) The school or organization must supply a field checker to work with the map maker. Schools will be asked to report back how they have used the map within one year.


Schools and other organizations may apply using this application form (Google Doc).


Schools may apply for a grant to pay for some or all of the map. Grants will be awarded based on available funds, whether the school is cooperating with a local orienteering club or service provider for advice and support, and how the map will be used. A pilot project has been selected, and volunteers are currently being identified to serve on the Map Grant Committee.


Map makers are encouraged to register using the same form. You may be paid or volunteer your time.