JWOC Team Trials COVID-19 Contingency Plan


All junior athletes registered or who may still register to participate in the JWOC 2020 Team Trials races that are part of the Junior Nationals.

The Cascade Orienteering Club (COC) Contingency Plan for COVID-19 response includes following the Washington state and local health plans regarding hosting any events. The COC board is further exploring postponement alternatives should the virus spread to the point that state or local officials shut down the Junior Nationals for the currently scheduled time.

Should the Junior Nationals be postponed, the JWOC 2020 team selection will not be postponed. Additionally, if the Junior Nationals are not postponed, there may be athletes affected by travel or quarantine restrictions and/or personal concern that traveling to the Junior Nationals will put their families and communities at risk. In all of these circumstances, team selection will be done by evaluation of Type I petitions using the reviewing rubrics listed in the JWOC Selection Criteria

For that reason, JTESC encourages all juniors intending to try out for the JWOC 2020 team to submit a Type I petition (missing JWOC Team Trials races, and any long-term issues) which can be used on short notice if the meet is postponed or a decision not to travel is made. 

Any junior registered to participate in the Team Trials, may give “Covid-19 Contingency Petition” as reason for the petition.  The completed Type I petition should include as much of the requested information as possible, and be sent to  ousajuniorprogram@nullorienteeringusa.org by Friday, April 10, 2020 (this is the deadline for all Type I petitions).

Type I Petitions include:

  • Evidence that the petitioning athlete has run a 3k time trial. Links to results from significant races over the past 12 months, including championships, other national competitions, and/or international competitions. Head-to-head competition against athletes who are also declared JWOC Team candidates should be highlighted.
  • Evidence of the petitioning athlete’s training activity during the 3–12 months leading up to JWOC Team Trials. This should include links to training logs, descriptions of training camps attended, and coaches and/or other athletes who could verify that the training submitted is accurate.
  • If applicable, a detailed explanation of the petitioning athlete’s situation and how it precluded him/her from participating in one or more JWOC Team Trials races, or four or more rankable races. The explanation should highlight any inconsistencies in training and/or racing that might be relevant to the situation.