World Ranking Events (WRE) cancelled through end of July

IOF Council has decided to extend the period of no WREs, from May 31, to July 31, 2020.

The main reason for this decision is to make sure that the World Ranking System is applied fairly. As World Rankings are in some cases used for determination of qualification and starting positions at our major events, it is important that the fairness of the system is upheld globally. 2 aspects of this decision:

  • There are still significant restrictions on movement and travel which means that athletes do not have equal opportunities to participate in events across international borders.
  • Although it may be possible to organise WREs in some countries, it is far from possible in the majority of countries. It is unfair if athletes in those countries where it is possible to participate in WREs could gain WR points and improve their World Ranking, while others may not.

IOF Council has determined, by looking at the length of current restrictions in place across member countries, that this decision should be valid until July 31. This will be reviewed again approximately July 1 to see if a further extension is required.

For clarification you can still arrange the event, IOF will, of course, not interfere whether local organizers carry out the arrangements themselves, as long as you meet the requirements imposed on you by your local / national authorities. But the competition will not have WRE status.

The WREs for this period will be cancelled in IOF Eventor.