2020 JWOC Team Announced

The JWOC selection committee is excited to announce the athletes who have been chosen to compete in the 2020 Junior World Championships. We realize that the world situation with COVID 19 means that the champs may or may not happen and that the timing may be sub-optimal for athletes especially who live in the US because the postponed date falls right in the middle of the fall school semester. Even so we have decided to choose a team in case there is an opportunity for our athletes to represent the US at the world champs. We understand that selected athletes may not be able to attend and that the team size could potentially be reduced due to the current situation. In this case the team coach will have the final say in giving alternates in the designated order a chance to step up based on his evaluation of where they are at leading up to the championships.

This year was quite a hard decision for the selection committee because we had almost no recent high level racing data and most of the head to head racing data came from last summer or spring. The committee used the petition process rubric as a guideline to support their decision making. The committee prioritized current physical fitness levels by way of recent 3k time trials, training volume and consistency from training logs, previous race experience, and overall competitive experience. As always the last spots and alternate positions are very tough to decide, particularly given the circumstances of this year. We deeply regret that all the athletes didn’t get the chance they usually would to prove their ability at trials races. The selection committee is nevertheless pleased to announce the follow teams and alternates.

– Keegan Harkavy
– Thomas Laraia
– Aidan Minto
– Anthony Riley
– David Runde
– Adrian Vartia
Alternate: Kai Mihata 

– Diana Aleksieva
– Julia Doubson
– Bridget Hall
– Kirsten Mayland
– Alexis Merka
– Emilia Schmidt
Alternates: Annika Mihata, Christiane Fletcher, Jessica Colleran

Thank you to all the athletes who tried out and for all the hard work. We encourage everyone to keep working hard; you never know when the breakthroughs will come.

Best of luck. Sincerely

The JWOC Selection Committee of Jon Torrance, Greg Ahlswede, Erin Schirm