EventReg Team seeks feature request feedback

Earlier this year, due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Orienteering USA waived the EventReg fees for local club use through the end of next year (2021). This gives clubs the opportunity to utilize the online system to streamline registration & administration at their local events to help maintain social distancing protocols while still holding regular events.

We realize that every club has slightly different procedures and protocols for holding their normal events and that adapting to the new online system is not always as seamless as it could be. The EventReg team is actively developing new functionality to ensure all clubs are able to utilize the system in a simple and effective manner.

We would like to get feedback from club officers, registrars and event directors on the features that would make it most expedient for you to adopt the system at the local level. Please take a moment to fill out our Feature Request Form with your feedback so that we may prioritize our ongoing behind the scenes work to make the system work for you. This form can also be used to report bugs with the system if you come across them.

You can also check out the current list of enhancements currently in the development queue. If you think something on this list should be a higher priority, let us know!! Feedback from you is the best resource we have to make sure the system works for everyone.