Puzzle Friday: Crowders Mountain

Its the last Puzzle Friday of January and today we wander down to North Carolina to feature a permanent course map of Crowders Mountain State Park from the Carolina Orienteering Klubb (COK).

This map is one of three recent additions to the Orienteering USA Permanent Course listing in the Charlotte, NC area. The other two newly added COK permanent course maps are McDowell Nature Preserve and Reedy Creek Nature Preserve in Charlotte. There is also a regular event (w/ limited registration) at Reedy Creek scheduled for February 6th if you’re in the area next weekend.

Permanent courses provide year-round DIY orienteering opportunities and are a great way to explore new terrain when visiting other parts of the country. Are your clubs permanent courses represented on our locator map? If not, drop us a line at webmaster@nullorienteeringusa.org to get them on the map!