Applications open for 52nd CISM World Military Orienteering Team

The 52nd CISM World Military Orienteering Championships (the other WMOC) will take place from October 16-22, 2024 in Cartagena, Spain. This competition is open to active duty personnel from all branches of the military.

Services are now accepting applications for the US Team to compete in the CISM Orienteering Championships. Please complete your applications by July 31st, 2024. 

Reach out to your respective service sports office for more information on how to apply through their systems/processes.  Even though orienteering is not listed on many of the service sport calendars or websites, please apply if you are interested and available.  The services will send your applications to Armed Forces Sports and to the selection committee.

Information on the event:

Links below to the service sports sites and details on applying:

Please also email Maiya Anderson with your expression of interest so that she may reach out to the service sport office if she don’t receive your application through official channels.

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