Magnus Wallenborg, Swedish Orienteering FederationThanks to a grant from the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and national support, Magnus Wallenborg, a member of the IOF MTBO Commission, crossed the USA with Orienteering USA VP of Clubs & MTBO leader Greg Lennon. The goal of the Tour was to promote club and race director interest in MTBO, identify areas with high MTBO potential, and increase the visibility of the sport to potential participants and sponsors.

The Tour took place Sept. 20-28, 2014, and it included events and clinics, in addition to presentations and site (terrain) visits. Whether or not Magnus and Greg planned a stop in your area, any time you have a suggestion for a great place to ride or an idea to help promote the sport, send an e-mail to MTBO Coordinator Greg Lennon at greg_lennon [at] OrienteeringUSA [dot] org.


2014 Tour Schedule

Greg Lennon, OUSA

Sept. 20, Saturday: MTBO Event & Clinic, hosted by Joe Brautigam, Western Connecticut Orienteering Club (WCOC), Huntington State Park, Redding, CT

Sept. 21, Sunday: MTBO Event & Clinic, hosted by Dave Ashley, Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC), Lake Accotink Park, VA

Sept. 21, Sunday: site visit, Pocahontas State Park, near Richmond, VA

Sept. 22, Monday: site visits in Ohio (OCIN) and Kentucky (OLOU) areas

Sept. 23, Tuesday: Presentation at the Alpine Shop, Kirkwood, MO, hosted by St. Louis Orientering Club (SLOC)

Sept. 24, Wednesday: Presentation at Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop, Lawrence KS, hosted by Mike Eglinski, Orienteering Kansas (OK)

Sept. 25, Thursday: Get-together, hosted by Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club, Denver, CO

Sept. 26, Friday: Site visit, hosted by City of Trees Orienteering Club, Boise, ID

Sept. 27, Saturday: MTBO Event & Clinic, hosted by Sue Grandjean and Abra McNair, Columbia River Orienteering Club (CROC), Mount Tabor Park, Portland, OR

      The event was great! Magnus and I put on a clinic which took people through the steps of what happens during an MTBO race, for example: starting, punching, planning ahead, and the sprint to the finish from the GO control! We also showed different techniques of how to "punch" a control while on the bike and also discussed the different rules pertaining to MTBO that may differ from other Orienteering disciplines.
      After the clinic, attendees set off to do their own race with actual interval starts and with no preview of the map beforehand, just like a true competition. The feedback was amazing and route choices were discussed after everyone had races. Everyone was looking forward to future MTBO events held by CROC and hopefully surrounding areas.
      Thanks John [Godino] and CROC for helping me make this event happen on such short notice, it's a big step in getting MTBO "rolling" on US turf! — Sue Grandjean (10/10/2014)

Sept. 28, Sunday: site visit, hosted by Convention & Visitors Bureau, Bend, OR

Sept. 28, Sunday: MTBO Event, Minnesota Orienteering Club (MNOC), Timberland Hills, Cumberland, WI

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