The purpose of the board is to manage, set policies and provide guidance for Orienteering USA and its member clubs.

Board Members

Clare Durand

Term Expires: 2023

Ellen Stefaniak

Term Expires: 2024

Faye Doria
VP - Finance

Term Expires: 2024

Jon Torrance
VP - Competition

Term Expires: 2022

Joseph Huberman
VP - Club Services

Term Expires: 2022

Victoria (Tori) Campbell
VP - Youth Initiatives

Term Expires: 2022

Clai Gardner

Term Expires: 2022

Matthew Robbins

Term Expires: 2024

Mike Minium

Term Expires: 2023

Nathan Ohrwaschel

Term Expires: 2023

Ian Shields

Term Expires: 2023

Gale Teschendorf

Term expires 2024


Board Meetings and Documents

2021 Proposed meeting schedule:
  • February 8 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm EST via Google Meet (minutes)
  • March 15 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm EST via Google Meet (minutes)
  • May 3 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm EST via Google Meet (minutes)
  • June 7 – Executive Committee Decision – (document)
  • June 21 – Board Meeting – 8-9pm EST via Google Meet (minutes)
  • August 7 – Board Meeting – 3:30-5:30pm PDT – Northstar Resort, Truckee, CA (minutes)
  • October 9 – Board Meeting – 3:00-5:00pm CDT – Eddy’s Resort, Onamia, MN (agenda)
  • October 21 – 8:00-10:00pm EDTAnnual General Meeting (virtual) (agenda)
  • October 25 – Post AGM Board Meeting – 8-9pm EDT via Google Meet (agenda)
  • December 13 – Board Meeting – 8-9pm via Google Meet (agenda)

Orienteering USA Bylaws

Upcoming and Past Meeting Agendas
Board Minutes
BoardNet (OUSA Board Discussion Group) Subscribe to BoardNet

Endowment Fund Officers

President and Director – Charles Ferguson
Secretary and Director – Thomas Overbaugh
Treasurer and Director – vacant
Director – Tim Parson
Director – Mike Minium

Committees and Task Forces


OUSA Administrative Specialist – Shawn Callahan
Bylaws Committee – Rob Wilkison
Convention – Ian Smith
Executive Committee – Clare Durand
Grievance Committee – J-J Cote
International Affairs – Clare Durand
Nominating Committee – William Jameson
U.S. Olympic Committee Liaison – Clare Durand
Volunteer Recognition and Awards – Susan Dewitt
Communications Task Force – Boris Granovskiy

Club Support and Development

Club Services/Development – Joseph Huberman
Event Register – Videlin Aleksiev
New Club Support – Mike Minium
Map Loans and Grants – Joseph Huberman
Mapping Coordinator – Peter Goodwin
Trail Orienteering – Russ Myer

Youth Programs

Youth Mapping Program – Barb Bryant
Scouts BSA Liaison – Brian Coleman
Girl Scout Liaison – Clare Durand
Junior ROTC (JROTC) Committee – LCDR Ron Hojnowski
World Orienteering Day – Mary Jo Childs
Education – vacant


Anti-Doping – Alex Jospe
Athlete Awards – Boris Granovskiy
Coaching/Certification – Erin Schirm and Bob Turbyfill
Course Consulting – Glen Tryson
Deaf Athletes Liaison – Tom Wells
Rules – Clare Durand
Sanctioning Committee – Tom Nolan
Trail O Sanctioning – Clare Durand

Disciplines (Sanctioning and Development):

Rogaining – Bud Laird
Ski Orienteering – Larry Berman
Trail Orienteering – Russ Myer
Mountain Bike Orienteering – Susan Grandjean


Committee Chair – Ian Smith
Insurance – Nate Orwaschel

Marketing, Publicity, Income Growth

Annual Fund Drive – Clare Durand
Grants – vacant
Marketing and Media Relations – vacant
Membership Growth – William Jameson
Sponsorship – vacant

Tech Committee

Ian Shields – Chair
Dave Yee
Bob Forgrave
Jordan Laughlin – G-Suite Administration
Jen Laughlin – Web Backend Upkeep

Electronic Punching

SI (SportIdent) Control Box and Stick Rental – Ed Despard

US Teams

Senior Orienteering Team – Peggy Dickison
Junior Orienteering Team – Guy Olsen
World University Orienteering Team – Linda Kohn
Ski Orienteering Team – Ed Despard
Trail Orienteering Team – Clare Durand
Mountain Bike Orienteering – Vacant

Executive Steering Committee (Senior Team ESC)

Peggy Dickison – Committee Chair (acting)
Lauri Sild – National Team Coach
Giacomo Barbone
Samantha Saeger
Eric Bone
Linda Kohn (Administrator)

Former National Team ESC Chairs and Members

Junior Team Executive Steering Committee (JTESC)

Contact Email
Guy Olsen — Committee Chair
Erin Schirm – Coaching Advisor
Greg Ahlswede
Brenda Blacklock — Secretary
Andrea Schneider — Junior Team Administrator, Finances
Aileen Runde — Team Communication
Angelica Riley — Travel and Team Activity
Jon Torrance — Orienteering USA VP of Competition (Non-Voting)


Background Checks – Clare Durand
Safety – Nathan Ohrwaschel
SafeSport Training – Andrea Schneider
Environmental and Land Access – vacant
Military Development – Col. Mark Read
Publications – Mike Minium
Senior Programs – Barb Sleight
Webmaster – Clinton Morse