The purpose of the board is to manage, set policies and provide guidance for Orienteering USA and its member clubs.

Board Members

Clare Durand

Term Expires: 2023

Ellen Stefaniak

Term Expires: 2024

Faye Doria
VP - Finance

Term Expires: 2024

Jon Torrance
VP - Competition

Term Expires: 2022

Joseph Huberman
VP - Club Services

Term Expires: 2022

Victoria (Tori) Campbell
VP - Youth Initiatives

Term Expires: 2022

Clai Gardner

Term Expires: 2022

Matthew Robbins

Term Expires: 2024

Mike Minium

Term Expires: 2023

Nathan Ohrwaschel

Term Expires: 2023

Ian Shields

Term Expires: 2023

Gale Teschendorf

Term expires 2024


Board Meetings and Documents

2022 Proposed meeting schedule:
  • February 28 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm via Google Meet (minutes)
  • March 21 – Special Board Meeting – 8-9pm via Google Meet (minutes)
  • May 2 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm via Google Meet (minutes)
  • June 20 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm via Google Meet (minutes)
  • August 22 – Board Meeting – 8-10pm via Google Meet (agenda)
  • September 26 – Pre AGM Board Meeting via Google Meet (agenda)
  • September 29 – Annual General Meeting – 8-10pm via Google Meet (agenda)
  • October 3 – Post AGM Board Meeting (agenda tba)

Orienteering USA Bylaws

Upcoming and Past Meeting Agendas
Board Minutes
2021 Annual General Meeting (virtual)
BoardNet (OUSA Board Discussion Group) Subscribe to BoardNet

Endowment Fund Officers

President and Director – Charles Ferguson
Secretary and Director – Thomas Overbaugh
Treasurer and Director – vacant
Director – Tim Parson
Director – Mike Minium

Committees and Task Forces


OUSA Administrative Specialist – Shawn Callahan
Bylaws Committee – Rob Wilkison
Convention – Ian Smith
Executive Committee – Clare Durand
Grievance Committee – J-J Cote
International Affairs – Clare Durand
Nominating Committee – William Jameson
U.S. Olympic Committee Liaison – Clare Durand
Volunteer Recognition and Awards – Susan Dewitt
Communications Task Force – Boris Granovskiy

Club Support and Development

Club Services/Development – Joseph Huberman
Event Register – Videlin Aleksiev
New Club Support – Mike Minium
Map Loans and Grants – Joseph Huberman
Mapping Coordinator – Peter Goodwin

Youth Programs

Youth Development Program – Guy Olsen
Youth Mapping Program – Barb Bryant
Scouts BSA Liaison – Brian Coleman
Girl Scout Liaison – Clare Durand
Junior ROTC (JROTC) Committee – LCDR Ron Hojnowski
World Orienteering Day – vacant
Education – vacant


Anti-Doping – Alex Jospe
Athlete Awards – Boris Granovskiy
Coaching/Certification – Erin Schirm and Bob Turbyfill
Course Consulting – Glen Tryson
Deaf Athletes Liaison – Tom Wells
Rankings – Ioana Fleming
Rules – Clare Durand
Sanctioning Committee – Tom Nolan

Disciplines (Sanctioning and Development):

Rogaining – Bud Laird
Ski Orienteering – Larry Berman
Trail Orienteering – Russ Myer (development), Clare Durand (sanctioning)
Mountain Bike Orienteering – Susan Grandjean


Committee Chair – Faye Doria
Insurance – Nate Orwaschel

Marketing, Publicity, Income Growth

Annual Fund Drive – Clare Durand
Grants – vacant
Marketing and Media Relations – vacant
Membership Growth – William Jameson
Sponsorship – vacant

Tech Committee

Ian Shields – Chair
Dave Yee
Bob Forgrave
Jordan Laughlin – G-Suite Administration
Jen Laughlin – Web Backend Upkeep

Electronic Punching

SI (SportIdent) Control Box and Stick Rental – Ed Despard

US Teams

Senior Orienteering Team – Peggy Dickison
Junior Orienteering Team – Guy Olsen
World University Orienteering Team – Linda Kohn
Ski Orienteering Team – Ed Despard
Trail Orienteering Team – Russ Myer & Mika Latva-Kokko
Mountain Bike Orienteering – Vacant

Executive Steering Committee (National Team ESC)

Peggy Dickison – Committee Chair (acting)
Linda Kohn – Administrator
Greg Ahlswede
Eric Bone
Alison Campbell
Virginia DeBons
Jeff Saeger
Samantha Saeger

Former National Team ESC Chairs and Members

Junior Team Executive Steering Committee (JTESC)

Contact Email
Guy Olsen — Committee Chair
Erin Schirm – Coaching Advisor
Greg Ahlswede
Brenda Blacklock — Secretary
Andrea Schneider — Junior Team Administrator, Finances
Aileen Runde — Team Communication
Angelica Riley — Travel and Team Activity
Jon Torrance — Orienteering USA VP of Competition (Non-Voting)


Background Checks – Clare Durand
Safety – Nathan Ohrwaschel
SafeSport Training – Andrea Schneider
Environmental and Land Access – vacant
Military Development – Col. Mark Read
Publications – Mike Minium
Senior Programs – Barb Sleight
Webmaster – Clinton Morse