There are a number of communities that may be useful resources:

  • Attackpoint – The premier English speaking orienteering community. This is a location to view orienteers’ training logs, upcoming events, results from past events, and discussions regarding all things orienteering.
  • World of O – News, headlines, maps, and blog links from orienteers around the world.
  • International Orienteering Federation – Orienteering USA is a member of the international federation for orienteering. You can sign up for their newsletter.
  • Orienteering Mappers International – A Facebook group with orienteering mappers all over the world.
  • ClubNet – An Orienteering USA mail distribution list that publishes information for interested parties. Subscribe to ClubNet
  • BoardNet – An Orienteering USA mail distribution list that provides information on board work and decisions to interested parties. Subscribe to BoardNet
  • Trail-O Group – A discussion group for trail orienteering in the US.
  • OMap Group – A discussion group for orienteering mapping.