This is a list of Orienteering USA’s policies with a short description.

Junior Focused

Abuse and Misconduct – Prevention and any abuse or misconduct within orienteering
Junior Alcohol – Limits alcohol consumption for juniors (primarily abroad)
Background Check – Requirements for background checks
National Junior Safety – Summary – Ensure the safety of all our juniors
National Junior Safety – Handbook – Ensure the safety of all our juniors

Club Focused

Recommendations for Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Transmission at Events
Land Use – Outlines appropriate land use for Orienteering in the US
Funding for Map Making – Operating parameters of the map fund for clubs
Day Membership – Single day membership in OUSA upon waiver signing (Insurance coverage)

Board Focused

Reserve Funds – Establish operating reserve of funding.
Funds on Endowment – Outlines purpose of endowment fund
Financial – Financial Policies and procedures
Event Promoter – Adoption of event promoter/Supporting member organizations
Email Voting – Voting Policy for the OUSA board
Document Retention – Outlines length for retention of documents
Credit Card – Eligibility of OUSA credit card for employees and board members
Coordinators – Creation/destruction of coordinators
Convention – Outlines requirements for the convention
Conflict of Interest – Prevents conflicts of Interest
Communication and Privacy – OUSA’s communcation and privacy guidelines
Calendar – Types of event listings on the calendar