Orienteering USA Rules of Competition.

These rules govern orienteering (foot, mountain bike, ski, trail) and rogaining in the US.

Waiver of OUSA Rules to apply Covid Recommendations
Originally approved by OUSA Board 7/27/20
Extended to 6/30/2022 by OUSA Board 12/13/2021

  •  A.24.9  Waiver is granted to OUSA Rule of Competition A.24.9 concerning dual (manual and electronic) punching.
  •  A.24.12  OUSA Rule of Competition A.24.12 is waived.
  • A.26.5  A waiver to OUSA Rule of Competition A.26.5 is granted, concerning providing separate control descriptions to competitors, provided pre-event information makes this change clear to competitors. 
  • A.29.2  OUSA Rule of Competition A.29.2, concerning refreshments at the start and finish, is waived.

Competition Rules (For Printing)
Sanctioning Supplement (Google Doc)

International Rules


For general comments and questions about the Rules, contact the Rules Committee chair.