2021 New England Orienteering Championships

October 2-3, 2021

  • Venues:
    • Willard Brook State Forest, Ashby, MA
    • Pearl Hill State Park, West Townsend, MA
  • Type: Two Day Classic NRE
  • Event Directors: Jon Campbell & Jeff Saeger
    • Course Setters: JJ Cote & Anna Campbell
    • Course Vetter: Tori Campbell
    • Registrar: Sam Levitin
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Joanne Sankus
  • Official Event Page

Day 1 – Willard Brook State Forest

Additonal Media:

Day 2 – Pearl Hill State Park

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2021 New England Champions

The title of New England Champion was awarded to the top finisher in each age group whose primary orienteering club is located in New England – UNO, NEOC, CSU, NG, WCOC, GMOC.

  • M-21+ Keegan Harkavay – NEOC
  • M-10
  • M-12
  • M-14 Lukas Webb – CSU
  • M-16 Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck – NEOC
  • M-18
  • M-20
  • M35+ Joe Brautigam – WCOC
  • M40+
  • M45+ Ian Finlayson – NEOC
  • M50+ Mark OConnell – NEOC
  • M55+ Clinton Morse – WCOC
  • M60+ Tim Parson – NEOC
  • M65+ Anthony Muffatti – WCOC
  • M70+ Stephen Tarry – UNO
  • M75+ Bob Lux – UNO
  • M80+ Hans Bengtsson – NEOC
  • F-21+
  • F-10 Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck – NEOC
  • F-12
  • F-14 Charlotte Duhamel – NEOC
  • F-16
  • F-18
  • F-20 Bridget Hall – NEOC
  • F35+
  • F40+
  • F45+
  • F50+ Kristin Hall – NEOC
  • F55+
  • F60+ Karen Muffatti – WCOC
  • F65+ Diana Todd – NEOC
  • F70+ Judith Karpinski – NEOC
  • F75+
  • F80+

2021 North American Rogaining Championships

August 14-15, 2021

  • Event Director: Gavin Wyatt-Mair
  • Northstar Resort, Truckee,

2021 North American Rogaining Champions:

  • Mixed Junior – We Stretch
    • Keegan Harkavay M 18 USA
    • Kirsten Mayland F 18 USA
    • Bridget Hall F 19 USA
    • Anthony Riley M 20 USA
  • Women Junior
  • Men Junior
  • Mixed Open – Best Pace Scenario
    • Ashley Blake F 38 USA
    • Nikolay Nachev M 44 USA
  • Women Open – Tango Mike
    • Victoria Campbell F 47 USA
    • Maiya Anderson F 46 USA
  • Men Open – Bones Adventure
    • Roy Malone M 54 USA
    • Jason Quinn M 47 USA
  • Mixed Veteran – NCC-74656
    • John Beard M 57 USA
    • Marcy Beard F 52 USA
  • Women Veteran – Tango Mike (see Women Open)
  • Men Veteran – Bones Adventure (see Men Open)
  • Mixed Super Veteran – Pikes
    • Gelena Siganevich F 57 USA
    • Manfred Kopisch M 57 USA
  • Women Super Veteran – Map Mavericks
    • Ing Uhlin F 61 USA
    • Sue Kuestner F 62 USA
    • Vicki Woolworth F 62 USA
  • Men Super Veteran – phast generation
    • Ken Walker Sr. M 72 USA
    • Charles Leonard M 66 USA
  • Mixed Ultra Veteran – Nightcrawlers
    • Eric Smith M 78 USA
    • Mary Smith F 74 USA
  • Women Ultra Veteran
  • Men Ultra Veteran – phast generation (see Men Super Veteran)

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2021 Junior World Orienteering Championships

September 5-10, 2021

From Left to Right:

  • Jessica Colleran, COC, JNT
  • Ben Brady, COC, JDT
  • David Runde, MNOC and KristiansandOK (NOR), JNT
  • Anthony Riley, DVOA, JNT
  • Diana Aleksieva, QOC, JNT

Go Team USA!!

Follow TeamUSA through their personal training logs over on AttackPoint!

August 28-Sept 1 (Sat-Wed): Training

Friday, September 3: Arrival & Accreditation

Saturday, September 4: Opening Ceremony

Sunday, September 5: Sprint

Sprint Results

Men – Map71st – Anthony Riley18:21 (+2:42)
Men – Map119th – Benjamin Brady22:09 (+6:30)
Men – Map123rd – David Runde22:31 (+6:52)
Women – Map111th – Jessica Colleran24:16 (+9:19)
Women – Map112th – Diana Aleksieva24:28 (+9:31)

Monday, September 6: Middle Qualification

Middle Qualifier Results

Men A – Map31st – Anthony Riley27:27 (+6:59)
Men B – Map36th – David Runde26:57 (+6:22)
Men C – Map40th – Benjamin Brady32:32 (+12:00)
Women B – Map36th – Jessica Colleran31:11 (+11:39)
Women C – Map36th – Diana Aleksieva36:25 (+17:01)

Tuesday, September 7: Middle Final

Middle Final Results:

Men’s B Final – Map37th – David Runde30:40 (+6:44)
Men’s B Final55th – Benjamin Brady42:11 (+18:15)
Men’s B FinalAnthony RileyMSP
Women’s B Final – Map38th – Jessica Colleran47:51 (+19:56)
Women’s B Final40th – Diana Aleksieva49:03 (+21:08)

Wednesday, September 8: Rest Day

Thursday, September 9: Long Distance

Long Distance Results:

Men Long – Map68th – Anthony Riley1:25:26 (+16:29)
Men Long111th – David Runde1:43:36 (+34:39)
Men Long122nd – Benjamin Brady1:58:22 (+49:25)
Women Long – Map101st – Diana Aleksieva1:30:21 (+37:22)
Women Long104th – Jessica Colleran1:36:23 (+43:24)

Friday, September 10: Relay & Closing Ceremony

Relay Results:

Note: Diana & Jessica ran on a mixed team with Kristina Pashchenko from Ukraine. Because this was an ‘unofficial’ team, their results were not published in the official JWOC results.

34United States Mens 1 – Map2:34:19+50:05
1. Anthony Riley42:203342:2033
2. Benjamin Brady1:00:24411:42:4438
3. David Runde51:35332:34:1934+50:05

2021 Orienteering USA Nationals

August 6-9, 2021

  • Event Director: Gavin Wyatt-Mair
  • Friday: Sprint
    • Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
  • Saturday: Middle Distance
    • Little Truckee Summit, Truckee, CA
  • Sunday: Long Distance
    • Sagehen, Truckee, CA
  • Monday: Club Championship Relay
    • Burton Creek, Tahoe City, CA

The following information was posted on the BAOC website on April 24, 2021:

“The difficult decision to move the California Orienteering Festival (CalOFest) to 2023 was made in the interests of safety and fairness due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions. The decision was made jointly with the International Orienteering Federation, International Rogaining Federation, Orienteering Canada, and Orienteering USA​—​along with our partners and landowners. This change affects the North American Orienteering Championships as well as the World Rogaining Championships. The delayed Festival will be held in San Francisco and Tahoe locations during summer 2023, with dates pending IOF and IRF approvals. (The complete announcement of the change is here.)”

Instead of hosting CalOFest this year, the Bay Area Orienteering Club hosted Tahoe 2021:

  • The 2021 U.S. Orienteering Championships including Sprint, Middle, and Long events, and a club Relay event. The events were held the same weekend dates (August 6–9), and at the Tahoe areas, as were originally planned for CalOFest.
  • The 2021 North American Rogaining Championships (separate page) were held on the same dates (August 14–15), and at the same Tahoe area, as the originally planned World Rogaining Championships. In addition to the 24-hour competitive event, there was a 4-hour “recreational” event.

Friday: US Orienteering Sprint Championship

Day 1 of the Orienteering USA Nationals took place on Friday morning on the campus of Sierra College in Rocklin, CA under warm, but thankfully overcast skies. This event was moved to Sierra College to preserve the Northstar Resort sprint venue for CalOFest/NAOC Sprint in 2023.

Photos: Nadim Ahmed, Clinton Morse

2021 US Sprint Champions:

  • M-21+ Gregory Ahlswede – DVOA
  • M-10 Reed Parker
  • M-12 Tucker Rupe – COC
  • M-14 Jackson Rupe – COC
  • M-16 Ben Cooper – COC
  • M-18 Benjamin Brady – COC
  • M-20 Dan Sebo – BAOC
  • M35+ Samuel Kolins – DVOA
  • M40+ Ethan O’Conner – COC
  • M45+ Francois Leonard – BAOC
  • M50+ Jeff Coker – TSN
  • M55+ Sergei Velichko – CTOC
  • M60+ Ken Vomaske – BAOC
  • M65+ Glen Tryson – DVOA
  • M70+ Dennis Wildfogel – BAOC
  • M75+ Chuck Spalding – BAOC
  • M80+ Rich Parker – BAOC
  • M85+ Edwin Gookin – SOAR
  • F-21+ Tori Borish – RMOC
  • F-10
  • F-12
  • F-14 Nicole Aleksieva – QOC
  • F-16
  • F-18 Alison Weber – GCO
  • F-20 Bridget Hall – NEOC
  • F35+ Allison Brown – GrizO
  • F40+ Ioana Fleming – RMOC
  • F45+ Marie-Josee Parayre – BAOC
  • F50+ B. Brooke Mann – RMOC
  • F55+ Clare Durand – LAOC
  • F60+ Ing Uhlin – COC
  • F65+ Debbie Newell – COC
  • F70+ Judith Karpinski – NEOC
  • F75+ Pamela Jill McBee – CROC

Additional Media:

Saturday: US Orienteering Middle Championship

Day 2 was to be contested at Little Truckee Summit (adjacent to the original CalOFest terrain) where the air quality was, well, horrible. Due to the Dixie Fire to the northwest, the entire area was blanketed in a thick smoke plume with an AQI in excess of 500 on Friday afternoon, over 3 times the level considered unhealthy for strenuous activity. Organizers announced that a decision to hold the race would be made at 7am Saturday AM.

At 7am the word came that the race was cancelled due to poor air quality, but that the forecast hinted that things might improve for the afternoon and thus another decision would be made around noon. At noon the notification came that the Middle Distance race would be held, starting at 2:30pm. Air quality was still hazardous, but better than the morning conditions and competitors were urged to make their own decision to compete or not. Mid afternoon starts meant that conditions were also quite a bit warmer than morning races would have been.

Conditions were still smoky, but most competitors chose to race, some with masks, most without. Everyone seemed to roll with it…

Photos: Clinton Morse

2021 US Middle Distance Champions:

  • M-21+ Michael Laraia – MNOC
  • M-10 Alaric Aaronson
  • M-12 Sullivan Rupe – COC
  • M-14 Erik Fey – Espoon Suunta
  • M-16 Colin Casler
  • M-18 Benjamin Brady – COC
  • M-20 Daniel Sebo – BAOC
  • M35+ J-J Cote – LROC
  • M40+ Ethan O’Conner – COC
  • M45+ Wyatt Riley – DVOA
  • M50+ Tom Herrnstein – OK
  • M55+ Sergei Velichko – CTOC
  • M60+ Nadim Ahmed – QOC
  • M65+ Takashi Sugiyama – BAOC
  • M70+ Jeffrey Saeger – NEOC
  • M75+ John Harbuck – EWOC
  • M80+ Rich Parker – BAOC
  • M85+ Edwin Gookin – SOAR
  • F-21+ Tyra Christopherson – COC
  • F-10
  • F-12
  • F-14 Kendal O’Callaghan
  • F-16
  • F-18 Alison Weber – GCO
  • F-20 Bridget Hall – NEOC
  • F35+ Allison Brown – GrizO
  • F40+ Ioana Fleming – RMOC
  • F45+ Victoria Campbell – NEOC
  • F50+ B. Brooke Mann – RMOC
  • F55+ Mary Jones – OK
  • F60+ Peggy Dickison – OK
  • F65+ Debbie Newell – COC
  • F70+ Judith Karpinski – NEOC
  • F75+ Pamela Jill McBee – CROC

Additional Media:

Sunday: US Orienteering Long Championship

Day 3 of the OUSA Nationals was met with another air quality delay, but this one was only 90 minutes so the Long Distance races got started late morning on another warm day. Similarly to Saturday, the competition was held on unused portions of the Sagehen map originally slated for CalOFest. As an “experimental forest”, there was a variety of forest type and undergrowth/debris to deal with. Presumably the best parts of both the Saturday and Sunday venues will be unveiled at the North American Championships in 2023 at CalOFest and that Tahoe 2021 was just a taste of things to come.

Photos: Peter Laraia, Clinton Morse

2021 US Long Distance Champions:

  • M-21+ Anthony Riley – DVOA
  • M-10 Alaric Aaronson
  • M-12 Mark Fey – Espoon Suunta
  • M-14 Jackson Rupe – COC
  • M-16
  • M-18 Benjamin Brady – COC
  • M-20 Daniel Sebo – BAOC
  • M35+ JJ Cote – LROC
  • M40+ Boris Granovskiy – GrizO
  • M45+ Wyatt Riley – DVOA
  • M50+ Jon Torrance – QOC
  • M55+ Sergei Velichko – CTOC
  • M60+ JP Lande – RMOC
  • M65+ Rick Breseman – COC
  • M70+ Jeffrey Saeger – NEOC
  • M75+ John Harbuck – EWOC
  • M80+ Rich Parker – BAOC
  • M85+ Edwin Gookin – SOAR
  • F-21+ Tori Borish – RMOC
  • F-10
  • F-12
  • F-14 Kendal O’Callaghan – RMOC
  • F-16
  • F-18 Alison Weber – GCO
  • F-20 Bridget Hall – NEOC
  • F35+ Alison Brown – GrizO
  • F40+ Ioana Fleming – RMOC
  • F45+ Angelica Riley – DVOA
  • F50+ Stephanie Ross – OCIN
  • F55+ Kris Beecroft – RMOC
  • F60+ Peggy Dickison – OK
  • F65+ Debbie Newell – COC
  • F70+ Nadezhda Popova – HVO
  • F75+ Pamela Jill McBee – CROC

Additional Media:

Monday: Club Championship Relay (non-NRE)

Monday’s Club Championship Relay was held at Burton Creek State Park in Tahoe City, CA and competitors were met with much clearer skies than the previous two days of racing. But the day was not with out it’s own set of complications – a local football team was practicing on the field that was designated as the relay arena and paving contractors decided Monday would be a good day to paint new stripes on the high school parking lots, forcing a last minute relocation of parking to surrounding neighborhood streets.

Competitors, quite used to delays at this point in the weekend, took it in stride during the roughly 90 minute delay required to iron out the kinks and get everything ready. The time was put to good use however, as teams socialized and an impromptu awards ceremony was held to hand out Sunday’s Long Distance awards. Although the format for assembling relay teams and determining club championships was a bit convoluted, everyone seemed to have a good time with head to head racing and cheering on their teammates in the arena area. Be sure to check out the YouTube video (link after the photos) if you haven’t already.

Photos: Nadim Ahmed, Peter Laraia, Clinton Morse

2021 North American Rogaining Championships

Media is posted in a separate entry.

WOC ’21 Recap

2021 was an odd year for international orienteering competition. With no World Championships in 2020 due to the pandemic, the organizers for 2021 scrambled to incorporate additional sprint disciplines into what was originally scheduled to be a ‘Forest’ program. With the pandemic still raging around the globe, many countries outside Europe elected not to send teams to WOC at all this year.

Due to issues related to family and coronavirus concerns, many of the standing US Team members elected to sit this year out as well. Veteran member Eric Bone (COC) is no stranger to WOC, making his 19th WOC appearance this year but teammates Sydney Fisher (WPOC) and Will Enger (COC) have each been to WOC once before this year. Three of the six WOC novices on this years team are currently members of the Orienteering USA Junior National Team as well (AJ, Diana & Alexis with Thomas Laraia from MNOC having recently aged out). So this year was looking to be a great experience building year and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Leading up to WOC2021, team member AJ Riley (DVOA) got a head start by competing at the WOC Selection races and training in Europe beginning in early June. Joe Barrett (QOC) arrived in the Czech Republic a few weeks later and put in some solid training time well in advance of WOC. Diana Aleksieva (QOC) and Alexis Merka (QOC) did some training at Kost and the mother/son duo of Angelica Riley (DVOA) and AJ did a final tuneup race at Bukovel in Ukraine.

TeamUSA officially came together July 1st for their official COVID tests, registration and check-in followed by some easy explorations of the surrounding areas and sprint venue. AJ was selected by the IOF to take over their Instagram feed for the day – detailing some of his training, taking questions and more. You can catch most of the 40+ posts over on our Facebook page – Part A & Part B.

More Media: Official Site | Diana & Alex Training at Kost | Team Riley at Bukovel

July 3rd – Sprint at Terezín

First up in the competition schedule was the individual sprint at Terezín, a former military fortress composed of citadel and adjacent walled garrison town. Organized as a series of 6 qualification heats in the morning and a final in the afternoon, the racing was fast and furious. Unfortunately none of our TeamUSA athletes qualified for the finals, but AJ did give a nice post-race interview for the IOF.

Men A26th – Will Enger17:19 (+4:15)
Men B26th – Thomas Laraia15:35 (+2:41)
Men C25th – AJ Riley15:46 (+2:48)
Women A24th – Diana Aleksieva22:31 (+10:01)
Women B– Angelica Rileymsp
Women C22nd – Alexis Merka25:01 (+11:11)
Sprint Qualifier Results

Alexis – “Everyone seemed so fast I felt like I had to push that fast too, slightly forgetting that I’m nowhere near being in such good shape as them… But running down the finish chute was an amazing feeling..

Thomas – “Annoyed about losing focus to 9 and missing where I was exiting the track and generally not taking enough time to look at all the options. Too many legs where that hurt.”

More Media: Official Site | Sprint Q Photos | Will Enger – Sprint Q Video | Thomas Laraia – Sprint Q Video | More Sprint Q Photos

July 4th – Sprint Relay at Doksy

Day 2 took us to the town centre of Doksy with its irregular street network. The terrain consisted of urban areas with paved streets and parkland with grass surfaces. Artificial barriers added navigational challenges to the course. The US Team for the sprint relay was composed entirely of WOC novices with Angelica taking the leadoff leg.

She started into town on the heels of some of the fastest women in the orienteering world including the likes of Tove Alexandersson(SWE) and Simona Aebersold (SUI). A clean run, but well behind the leaders, she handed off to son AJ for the second leg. Though largely running a solo race at this point, AJ ran strong and clean and was caught up by some of the 3rd leg leaders, being pulled through the spectator control hot on the heels of race leader Gustav Bergman from Sweden. AJ handed off to Joe Barrett who admitted sprints weren’t his strong suit, but he had a clean run nonetheless handing off to anchor leg Alexis Merka to round out the race. Unfortunately the team was over the official time limit, but all indicated that they enjoyed the racing regardless.

AJ – “Apparently I was on TV with my homie Gustav so that’s cool.”

Joe“Mostly running solo, just a few of the leg 4 women at the very end of the course. No major misses. Just hesitant in some circles, and felt I was reading really slow around all the fake fences at 9 and 10… It was a good low pressure way to start.”

Alexis – “It was a super fun race, I enjoyed the course and I’m definitely satisfied with it… So we got pretty much completely lapped, but that’s okay. I think that definitely helped me focus a lot more on my own race and on pacing myself better than I did yesterday. It was really fun.”

More Media: Official Site | Alternate Sprint Relay Movie | Sprint Relay Photos | Sprint Relay Map (pdf)

July 6th – Middle Distance at Smržovka

After a Rest Day, the action moved on to the Middle Distance races which took place in some challenging mountain terrain. Physically demanding steep slopes with granite boulders, cliffs with broken ground and some marshy areas were prominent features on this map. Morning qualification heats – top 15 in each heat plus additional spots for under-represented countries advancing to the final.

Men’s A29 – Eric Bone43:31 (+12:45)
Men’s B21 – Thomas Laraia38:26 (+10:14)
Men’s C29 – Joe Barrett44:06 (+15:22)
Women’s A26 – Diana Aleksieva1:15:38 (+45:43)
Women’s B– Angelica Rileymsp
Women’s C27 – Sydney Fisher44:11 (+13:39)
Middle Distance Qualification Race Results

Thomas started out with a great run in his heat, pretty much matching pace with the eventual heat winners through the first 4 controls, then hit a patch of green which slowed him down more than the stronger Euro runners who moved right through it. He finished only 10 minutes back which earned him a spot in the final. Team mate Eric Bone filmed a nice interview with Thomas after his run. Sydney was also happy with her race, losing a little time to small bobbles, but otherwise running cleanly to secure her spot in the women’s final.

Thomas: “Felt a bit of pressure and heart racing but it calmed down a lot through warming up and didn’t feel it anymore on the start, so good to see.Strength lacking, will prioritize being faster and stronger next time. Goals for future are qualifying for the final on merit alone”

Sydney: “Pretty satisfied with this race. Small bobble on 1. A lot of hesitation to 5. Overall pretty clean though. Legs didn’t feel too energetic, but no one (around me anyway) was moving that quickly up the hills.”

Moving on to the afternoon’s Middle Final:

Sydney: “Disappointed in this race. I had no flow – lots of time lost in the circle and a couple of big mistakes. I started too fast and was tired from running earlier. Good experience though! So many cameramen/drones out in the woods.

Thomas: “Mostly a pretty good race. Things I remember, fat mistake to 22 being too high and seeing some random crags…. Big pack going to 15, absolutely running on fumes there, wish I could’ve passed and kept attempting to catch people but I was pretty ruined. Nice to work as a group on 15-18 with Paul and somewhat Tomas.”

Men’s Final49 – Thomas Laraia1:02:54 (+23:23)
Women’s Final52 – Sydney Fisher1:18:21 (+40:09)
Middle Distance Final Results

More Media: Official Site | Middle Q Photos | Extra Middle Q Photos | Women’s Final Map (pdf) | Men’s Final Map (pdf)

July 8th – Forest Relay at Kokořínsko

After another rest day that saw much of the team getting more training done, the competition then moved to the continental sandstone terrain of Kokořínsko with its intricate morphology consisting of valleys and reentrants crowned by massive sandstone rock formations. This venue would host both the relay and Friday’s long competition. Running the women’s race were Sydney > Angelica > Alexis. Sydney got in a clean run before the rains began, but the day would only get darker and damper as it progressed.

Sydney – “In a normal year I would not run first, but I was excited for the experience. Goal was to stay with the pack through the arena, plan a route to 1, and then run my own race.The terrain was amazing and I felt good physically…Hopefully next time I’ll have the speed to stay with a pack.”

Alexis – “…worst race of my life. Not because of the rain or the dark, i liked that. Just the hills were seriously way over my ability and I was completely dying. The cameras gave me a few anxiety attacks, which really didn’t help… I’m still glad I have this experience. Everyone has to have their worst race someday, and frankly I’m kind of honored mine is a WOC race.”

By the time the Men’s Relay started the rain was coming down pretty good, but AJ navigated well and hung with the pack for quite a while, making an appearance on the first couple TV controls. Eric, concerned about increasingly dark conditions, switched places with Will and ran second wearing a headlamp in order to read the map in the dark woods with the intention of handing it off to Will at the exchange. Things didn’t exactly go to plan though…. The photo of Eric below isn’t a poorly exposed shot – it was just that dark out there…

AJ – “I love relays and honestly had a great time. Good to see that I can be competitive with the top guys if I was a bit more fit.”

Will – “This was enjoyable and the terrain was awesome – but the experience was clouded somewhat by me not being able to orienteer normally due to the impending darkness. … [Eric] ran the second leg with a headlamp, and was going to pass it to me, but then they made us mass start just after Eric passed through the arena, so I never got itStill a fun experience, but would’ve been a lot better under reasonable circumstances.

More Media: Official Site | Forest Relay Photos | Maps (pdf)

July 9th – Long Distance at Kokořínsko

Back at Kokořínsko on Friday for the Long Distance race utilizing the same arena as Thursday’s relay, and used a larger version of the long narrow relay map with the latter portion of each course coming back through the terrain used on Thursday. Long legs frequently offered up long trail runs to avoid the steep, intricate cliff areas and many runners took full advantage of them but some options were clearly better than others.

Men’s Long56 – Joe Barrett2:17:32 (+41:37)
Women’s Long54 – Sydney Fisher2:15:24 (+58:13)
Women’s Long55 – Diana Aleksieva3:07:10 (+1:49:59)
Long Distance Results

Joe – “Definitely the best race of the week for me. Read the cliffs in the circle pretty well. Only going down the wrong gap to #4, and then left #5 in the wrong direction without map aligned, and got blocked by an unexpected cliff... the cliffs did create route options to gain/lose time

Sydney“Time wasn’t great, but the course was a lot of fun. I just didn’t have the speed on the trails around, or the endurance… the course used a lot of rock passages, which was really neat… I like longs”

More Media: Official Site | Long Distance Photos | Women’s Map (pdf) | Men’s Map (pdf)

Summary of WOC ’21

Sydney – “It was a great experience and I am glad I got to race. The sandstone terrain was fantastic. I haven’t (yet) traveled many places to orienteer, but it was definitely one of my favorites… I had a couple of good races and a couple not so good. I was a lot closer (% time wise) to the leaders than I was in Norway so I’m moving in the right direction… Goals for next time are to be more fit (I have 2 years to get faster…seems like plenty of time) and to hopefully spend some time in relevant terrain more than a few days in advance.

Will – “I never thought I’d get a second opportunity to finally run a forest race at WOC, and it took a funky, unique year with a lot of our best guys injured or declining, so I’m thankful for the memorable experience in any case.

Joe – “Super fun time for my first WOC… Sprint Relay was alright, not a whole lot of expectations going in, clean race, no major misses… Long definitely my best race of the week, felt strong, good pace (for me) through most of it… could have looked ahead more on short legs, not just the long ones

Kevin Fisher (TeamUSA Official) – “I think things went pretty well considering my complete lack of training or expertise in this area. Everyone got to their races on time and to and from the airport, which was honestly my main goal… it was inspiring to spend time with all of these athletes, and really fun to watch them compete, hear their experiences in the woods, and talk about routes… I would highly recommend the WOC experience to anyone (wait for a normal year though!)”

So that wraps it up for this year. 2022 will feature a Sprint WOC on June 26-30 in Denmark and sprinting will also feature prominently when the world’s best come to Alabama two weeks later on July 7-17 for The World Games 2022. Mark your calendars and plan to come to Birmingham to be a part of the action as the US hosts the world’s best orienteers for what is sure to be some great competition!

Photos courtesy: Kevin Fisher, Dasa Merkova, Angelica Riley, Tomáš Bubela, Lukáš Budínský, Jiří Čech, Petr Kadeřávek & Petr Háp plus screenshots from official IOF & WOC2021 video feeds.

2021 US Trail Orienteering Championships

May 15-16, 2021

The US Trail Orienteering Championships were held this past weekend at the Navy Shipyard in Philadelphia, PA and were hosted by Capital Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA). Congratulations to David Irving (SDO), 2021 US TrailO Champion in the para category and Mika Latva-Kokko (NEOC), the 2021 US TrailO Champion in the open category.

  • Nice article on the US Champs from Sports & Spokes Magazine which is devoted to wheelchair sports and recreation.

This page will be updated with maps and additional media when it becomes available from the organizer.

Photos: navyyardphila Instagram, ASLA-New Jersey
PreO Results
1Mika Latva-Kokkoopen1837
2Piotr Zielczynskiopen1842
3Jay Hannopen1857
4Rob Wilkisonopen1878
5Richard Y. Ebrightopen1729
6Claire Durandopen1731
7Samuel Kolinsopen1628
8Richard H. Ebrightopen1641
9Alec Richardsonopen1652
10Sharon Crawfordopen1664
11Karen Dennisopen1665
12David Irvingpara1690
13Ellen Stefaniakopen16104
14Amy Latva-Kokkoopen16107
15Lena Kushleyevaopen15115
16Jim Eagletonopen14115
17Jonathan Kuxhausopen13115
18Katja Latva-Kokkojunior1155
19Jarmo Latva-Kokkojunior1036
20David Urbanopen10115
21Rhonda Liddellpara10115
22Lee Kuxhauspara9115
23Kathy Urbanpara7115
24Robert Campagnonepara7115
25Julius Schrampara5115
26Wendy Schramjunior1115
TempO Results
1Richard Y. Ebrightopen199
2Mika Latva-Kokkoopen243
3Claire Durandopen271
4Piotr Zielczynskiopen284
5Richard H. Ebrightopen306
6Jay Hannopen350
7Jarmo Latva-Kokkojunior399
8Sharon Crawfordopen409
9David Irvingpara506
10Katja Latva-Kokkojunior513
11Jim Eagletonopen559
12Ellen Stefaniakopen655
13Alec Richardsonopen666
14Jonathan Kuxhausopen704
15Robert Campagnonepara835
16Rhonda Liddellpara1037
17Lee Kuxhauspara1191
18Julius Schrampara1644

US Team Trials ’21

May 7-9, 2021

Race director Peggy Dickison

Congratulations to the automatic qualifiers for the WOC Team going to the Czech Republic later this year. The remainder of the Team will be determined after the Czech selection races next month. Previous US WOC Teams can be viewed in the OUSA Library.

Automatic WOC Team Qualifiers: Anthony Riley, Angelica Riley, Joseph Barrett & Sydney Fisher

Automatic Qualifiers:

Winners of the Sprint:
– Anthony Riley
– Angelica Riley
Winners of the Middle +Long (normalized)
– Joseph Barrett
– Sydney Fisher

Highlight Video

Friday Results

Sprint Blue4.14km22C
1Anthony RileyDVOA17:52
2Michael LaraiaMNOC18:37
3Will EngerCOC19:13
4Sergei RyzhkovDVOA19:14
5Eric BoneCOC20:11
6William HawkinsWCOC20:31
7Danny RileyCAOC21:22
8Wyatt RileyDVOA21:38
9Greg AhlswedeDVOA21:48
10Joseph BarrettQOC21:55
11Gheorghe FalaBOK25:11
12Patrick ShannonDVOA26:28
Sprint Red3.4km, 60m19C
1Angelica RileyDVOA25:36
2Diana AleksievaQOC25:54
3Alexis MerkaQOC29:45

Saturday Results

Middle Blue6.0 km 55 m13 C
1Eric BoneCOC37:44
2Joseph BarrettQOC39:32
3Sergei RyzhkovDVOA44:31
4Anthony RileyDVOA47:08
5Boris GranovskiyGRIZO47:51
6Greg AhlswedeDVOA50:11
7Gheorghe FalaBOK53:00
8Wyatt RileyDVOA53:27
9Danny RileyCAOC55:09
10William HawkinsWCOC56:09
11Michael LaraiaMNOC1:05:28
12Will EngerCOC1:06:10
13Patrick ShannonDVOA1:07:52
Middle Red5.3 km 55 m13 C
1Sydney FisherQOC53:27
2Angelica RileyDVOA57:47
3Alexis MerkaQOC1:16:32

Sunday Results

Long Blue (Men)11.4 km 410 m23 C
1Barrett, JosephQOC1:17:59
2Ahlswede, GregDVOA1:19:29
3Riley, AnthonyDVOA1:20:39
4Enger, WillCOC1:24:19
5Bone, EricCOC1:25:06
6Laraia, MichaelMNOC1:26:33
7Hawkins, WilliamWCOC1:31:18
8Granovskiy, BorisGRIZO1:35:18
9Riley, DannyCAOC1:36:06
10Riley, WyattDVOA1:42:48
Shannon, PatrickDVOAdnf
Regular Blue (Women)9.7 km 355 m20 C
1Fisher, SydneyQOC1:47:32
2Riley, AngelicaDVOA2:05:51
3Aleksieva, DianaQOC2:16:10
4Merka, AlexisQOC2:27:53

Photo Credits: Wyatt Riley, Nadim Ahmed, Clinton Morse

’21 Georgia Orienteering Festival Recap

April 9-11, 2021

*Links in Purple were hosted on external server and are no longer available.

Friday Middle Distance at McIntosh Reserve

  • *Friday Results by Class (with WinSplits analysis)
  • *Friday Results by Course
  • *Friday Points
  • Friday RouteGadget

Saturday Classic Distance at Don Carter State Park

Sunday Classic Distance at Don Carter State Park


  • Overall Points
  • Overall SEIS Individual Results
  • Overall SEIS Team Results
OUSA Juniors at Georgia O-Fest ’21
2021 Southeastern Interscholastic Championships Recap Video