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Please review the Club information on this website on a regular basis to be sure that the website, club contact, and mailing information are correct. If there are any changes to be made, contact:

  • Web content manager (usofweb [at] gmail [dot] com)
  • Orienteering USA membership coordinator (contact [at] orienteeringusa [dot] org)
  • Orienteering North America publisher (fluegeldonna [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

...using the e-mails listed above to contact them directly, or using the website Contact form and selecting "Club Info Change" from the dropdown Category menu.

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How can Orienteering USA help my club? We can provide assistance to our members clubs in many ways, and we're working actively to do even more to help you succeed.

Control bags dryingStarting a club

We can help new clubs get started with advice about how to create their first map, plan their first event and set up programs for young orienteers (such as the Little Troll Program). Your first stop? Orienteering USA's director of New Club Support, Mike Minium. (mikeminium [at] aol [dot] com)

Renewing your club charter

Club recharter forms and fees are due to the Orienteering USA by the end of January each year. [Find them in Forms or Administrative Documents]

Competitive expertise

Orienteering USA member clubs can turn to various committees for advice on almost all aspects of orienteering and this website for comprehensive support documentation, including:

    Administrative support

    On this website, you'll find the background information and support documentation you need, including:

    Engage the youth who come to your events

    We've come up with a number of ideas to help clubs support the Junior Development program. Find out what clubs around the country are doing.

      Starting lineInsurance coverage

      Orienteering USA buys insurance covering itself and its members, chartered clubs, volunteers, and members of chartered clubs. The annual cost is passed on to member clubs as part of their annual assessment. If a park requires proof of insurance coverage, clubs should apply for a certificate at least a month in advance from our insurance carrier. Chartered clubs can use the application form available through this website (or contact the webmaster for a form). Learn about Orienteering USA's insurance coverage.

      Event Register online registration system

      Clubs/registrars can set up an account on the Orienteering USA Event Register system for online registration for your events.

      Savings opportunities

      Rental Cars

      You receive a discount when renting a car from Hertz through the Orienteering USA website; click on the image below.

      In addition to saving on Hertz rentals, there are other savings opportunities or discounts for Orienteering USA members, detailed on the Discounts page.

      Promotional assistance

      The Orienteering USA promotional brochure is a short, concise explanation of our sport, ideal for distribution to new and prospective orienteers. It includes a space for your club to add a label or stamp with local contact information. See an example and ordering information (external page hosted by Orienteering Cincinnati).

      In addition, Orienteering USA provides other promotional materials, including flyers and banner designs, for local events, championship events and National Orienteering Week events.

      Program development

      Orienteering USA can help your club develop recreational and promotional programs. To take advantage of these services, the current Vice President for Club Services.

      Electronic punching

      "Electronic punching (e-punching or EP) is a faster, better way to record your visit to each control on an orienteering course. Instead of carrying a paper card and punching it at each control location, you wear a plastic e-card, or 'finger stick,' which contains a microchip. At each control site, you insert the finger stick into a control unit, which records the control number and time onto the microchip.

      "When you finish the course, you download the data at a transfer station, and receive an instant printout of your time and splits. Even better, you can view compiled printouts that show everyone's splits for the course, so you can see where you gained or lost time." (Description courtesy of BAOC)

      SportIdent EP equipment is available for rental from Orienteering USA. Valerie Meyer was appointed the new EP Coordinator in August 2007. Please direct any requests for reservations, questions, concerns, comments, etc. to her via email: (vmeyer9086 [at] aol [dot] com)

      Details of the EP equipment available for rental from Orienteering USA

      Bonus info: Build your own PVC EP stand (contributed by Ananda Ranasinghe, LAOC)

      If you are a club leader looking for a set of skill circuits to train beginner orienteers, Junior Coach Erin Schirm has shared the circuits he used with high school students in spring 2014.

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