Promotional Materials

As one of the first steps in the strategic plan, in 2010 Orienteering USA launched a new brand identity Orienteering USA logofor the sport of orienteering.  Focusing around the concept of "discovery," this campaign is called "Discover Orienteering. Discover Yourself."

We invite you to discover our Orienteering USA store! Feel free to click the "See All" icon to view the entire store - buy items for yourself and to give as gifts. And help support orienteering nationwide while you're at it - 100% of any proceeds above cost go directly to OUSA.




"The concept of discovery is central to what our sport is all about," said Orienteering USA Executive Director Glen Schorr in 2010. "Think about the first time you found that control, or moved up a course, or shaved a minute off your time. It is all about personal discovery."

Orienteering USA Introduction to Orienteering Brochure

What it is: A two-page color document in PDF form that you can print and distribute to describe orienteering. Click the header link to go to/download the document.

Orienteering USA Logo

Please adhere to the Orienteering USA Logo style guide

Contact the webmaster or Communications Director Boris Granovskiy for logo images.

  • Orienteering USA Red = PMS 185c
  • Orienteering USA Light Blue = PMS 2925c
  • Orienteering USA Dark Blue = PMS 282c

Marketing your events

The following documents (all PDF) include ideas on promoting your local, regional, and national events, and provide a list of websites where events can be listed.

Other materials

A series of materials were presented at the 2010 Annual General Meeting in Spokane, Washington. Most of the materials have been designed to not only promote the sport of orienteering but to also allow clubs to customize them with their logo and specific information. These include materials to promote local events, championship events and National Orienteering Day event.

A coupon for "complimentary entry" has also been developed. Club officials can contact the webmaster (usofweb [at] gmail [dot] com) for jpg or pdf files.

Because some files are large, we recommend you right-click on the desired link and download the file to your local computer before opening; hold and click CTRL on Apple computers.

  • Foot-O letter insert ("buckslip"):
    > PDF (794 kB)
  • Foot-O local event poster (8.5" x 11" ):
    > PDF (2.4 MB) - updated with new images, fall 2011
    > MSWord document (.doc) (2.21 MB)
    > JPG (2.75 MB)
    > PDF (2.03 MB) (this includes two versions; one with a white background and one with a runner in forest background)
  • Foot-O banner (to print at 5' x 3')
    > JPG (7.59 MB)
    > PDF (4.66 MB)
  • National Orienteering Day/Week poster (8.5" x 11")
    > PDF (1.92 MB) - updated for NOW 2014
    > JPG (updated for 2014 and NOW)
  • National Orienteering Day banner (to print at 5' x 3')
    > PDF (5.84 MB) - updated with new images, fall 2011
    > JPG (483 kB)
    > PDF (114 kB)
  • Ski-O banner (to print at 5' x 3')
    > JPG (6.0 MB)
    > PDF (9.36 MB)
  • Ski-O event poster (8.5" x 11")
    > PDF (1.71 MB) - new, fall 2011
  • Sponsorship Packet sample, cover page (8.5" x 11")
    > MSWord document (2.29 MB)
    > JPG (2.82 MB)
  • 2012-13 Partnership Packet (8.5" x 11")
    > PDF (1.51 MB)

For more information about Marketing and Promotion, please contact Boris Granovskiy (DC) 929-214-3087

updated 13 February 2017