Orienteering "Communities"

Orienteering-related Mail Lists

  • Click here for detailed instructions for joining YahooGroups mail lists, and mail options. Links below will take you to the YahooGroup page for that community. You can submit a membership request from there as well.
  • USOFClubnet: mail list connecting members in U.S. clubs but open to all (also known as Clubnet)
  • OUSA-bod: mail list for the Orienteering USA Board of Directors members. Only Directors may post, but others may join to read messages (also referred to as Boardnet)
  • usoteam: mail list for the U.S. orienteering teams
  • USA_Trail-O: mail list for the U.S. Trail O team and interested trail orienteering enthusiasts
  • O-Map: mail list about making orienteering maps, including questions about using OCAD
  • SportIdent mail list: communicate with SportIdent electronic punching system users
  • RegistrarNet mail list: communicate with other A-meet registrars about systems and best practices (subscribe by sending e-mail to: RegistrarNet-subscribe [at] yahoogroups.com)

Another YahooGroup list (may) still exist(s), but its original functions (it descended from a Listserve) have been absorbed by other Groups, and it is not widely read:

  • O-Net: General orienteering mail list [deleted? Not accessible as of Jan 2019]

Other orienteering communities

  • Facebook: Orienteering USA has a Facebook page, and many individual clubs have their own social media sites to advertise events and provide community in their local area
  • Attackpoint: one of the more widely used discussion forums world-wide.  Anyone can read discussions posted there, but you must "join" to post new comments or topics. Includes an Adventure Racing forum