Information about Event Register Online Registration

Information for Clubs and Registrars

The Orienteering USA Event Register system is designed to streamline online registration. It is configured for medium and large events such as national and championship meets. Some clubs are using it also for one-day events (such as the Billygoat, Adventure Runs, etc.). A separate template for local and smaller events with fewer options is also available.

The Event Register System interacts with the Orienteering USA membership database, making the registration process faster and easier for member users.

If you choose to use the EventRegister system, you can set up an account on the secure site. Set up your online registration for a particular event as you wish.

There is a fee to use Event Register. This fee is a one-time fee per event and supports future development of the system as well as maintenance and debugging. Your event registration admin panel will maintain a display of the fee owed until payment is received by Orienteering USA.

To use this system for events, click Contact Us and select the "Registrar Tool" category. Include information such as the name of the event, hosting club, and date(s). The multi-day fee is $75.00, payable to Orienteering USA, and mailed to Orienteering USA, 824 Scotia Rd, Philadelphia, PA   19128. The fee for smaller, single-day events is $15.00, and currently uses the same program. [You can also pay using PayPal by sending the fee payment to: membership @ orienteeringusa . org , followed with an e-mail to alert Sandy Fillebrown to the incoming payment and where it should be credited.]

Registrars are encouraged to join the RegistrarNet Yahoo Group, by sending an e-mail to: registrarnet-subscribe [at]

Event Register News

2015 June 2Ed Despard replaces Kent Shaw as Event Register developer and administrator. We thank Kent for his development of this system and the many years of upgrading and tweaking he invested in it before passing it to new hands.

2012 July 28 Event Register online registration system is now on the Orienteering USA server! The new system includes modifications and improvements to Kent Shaw's original O-Signup system, to eventually include cordination with the member database (still under development). Registrars can more easily use the system to set up registration for club events, with less interaction needed from the designer.

2012 June 12 — The Event Registration system is undergoing significant upgrades including a move to the Orienteering USA server for better integration. It is expected to be available for registrars to use around September 1 (or possibly earlier).  Please delay any requests to use the system until then, unless an earlier announcement is made.

2012 January — Orienteering USA announces a collaboration with Kent Shaw to use the next incarnation of the O-Signup registration system, embraced by orienteering event registrars over the past 5+ years. We are continuing work to combine the registration with a database that will make event registration even easier for participants and registrars alike.

last updated 7 Feb 2018