Virtual AGM – 2020

With the continuing SARS-CoV-2 issues facing the US, the Orienteering USA Board has agreed to hold this year’s AGM as a virtual meeting.

The Annual General Meeting was held Thursday, October 22nd, from 8pm-10pm EDT.

Meeting Recap Video

Recorded video of the AGM has been split into 10 segments corresponding to major sections of the Meeting Agenda. Click on the video links below to view the video clip for that segment of the meeting.

  • Video1
    • Welcome
    • Certification of the report by the Credentials Committee
  • Video2
  • Video3
    • Election of Board of Director members.
  • Video4
    • Financial Report
  • Video5
    • President’s Report including:
  • Video9 Bylaws Proposal from the Board of Directors to allow for email notice of the Annual General Meeting
  • Proposals from member clubs: NONE
  • Questions from the membership (time permitting)
  • Video10 Awards Presentation
    • Certificates of Appreciation
    • President’s Awards
    • Golden Service Awards
    • Silva Award
  • Adjournment

Older Information

  • 22 October 2020 – For those that were not in attendance, a very successful virtual meeting. Kudos to Clare Durand and the meeting teams. Video recap will be available on this page in a day or so.
  • 22 October 2020 – Supporting documents:
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Proposed Bylaws Change
    • Minutes of 2019 AGM
    • Meeting Slides
    • Financial Position and Account reports
    • Candidate Bios
      • Clare Durand – LAOC (for a 3 year term)
        • Clare has been orienteering for 35 years. She currently serves as the OUSA Board President and previously held that position from 2007-2011. Clare has also held the position of Vice-President for Competition and has served as Rules Committee Chair since 2011. Clare handles event coordination duties for her home club in Los Angeles. She is also a member of the OUSA Trail Orienteering Team and has represented the US in International Competition a number of times.
      • Nathan Ohrwaschel – DVOA (for a 3 year term)
        • Nate has served on the OUSA Board since 2017. He currently is the primary liaison between OUSA and our Insurance Broker.
      • Ian Shields – BOK (for a 3 year term)
        • Ian first heard about orienteering in Darwin, Australia in the mid 1970s, but only took it up about 10 years ago. Since then he has participated in many local and national meets and also tried orienteering in Canada, Ireland and Switzerland. He is an active board member of BOK and is meet director for several meets each year. Ian lost much of his sight about 5 years ago, but still orienteers and sets courses using a larger map. He took up ARDF in the last year or two. Ian is a retired IBMer and lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife of 40 years, Pat McQuaid. In the orienteering community many people know him better as the father of Brendan Shields.
      • vacant – (for a 3 year term)
      • vacant – (to fill a vacancy with 1 year remaining)

Because of the virtual, online nature of this years AGM, pre-registration will be required in order for us to coordinate the technology requirements and validate all voting delegates, proxies and individuals. Individual OUSA members can RSVP via this form no later than Monday, October 12th whether they plan to vote or simply attend the virtual meeting.

Each OrienteeringUSA club has been notified of the number of delegates to appoint or to appoint a proxy. These forms are due back to OUSA no later than Wednesday, October 7th although we would be grateful if you could return them ASAP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that all delegates also need to RSVP online no later than Monday, October 12th as well.

All voting attendees will be required to have access to a computer and reliable internet connection to join the AGM. Phone in access will not be available due to the technology requirements for voting and ratification. Meeting login details will only be sent to those persons that RSVP by Monday, October 12th due to limitations of the hosting platform.

A practice meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th and attendees are encouraged to verify their ability to access the platform and practice some ‘mock votes’ to familiarize themselves with the procedure. Details will be sent out to all registered attendees once the RSVPs have been tallied and validated.

We intend to record the AGM and will create an edited video with the presentations, results and key highlights without the procedural ‘filler’ for those OUSA members who do not wish to attend the meeting ‘live’. We hope to have this available online a day or so after the meeting adjourns.

Meeting Agenda
Proposed Bylaw Changes