Silva Award winners

Silva Service Award winners

The Orienteering USA Silva Service Award is given annually to an orienteer who, along with being a member of Orienteering USA, has demonstrated outstanding service to orienteering in the United States over the past five years. The recipient need not be a terrific orienteer, and orienteering skill is not considered in determining the award winner. The essential quality of every winner has been service to promoting and sustaining orienteering, to making the sport work in this country, and in helping to build the organizations needed to make orienteering successful.

2019 Donna Fluegel
2018 Greg and Kathleen Lennon
2017 Bill Gookin
2016 Barbara Bryant
2015 Clare Durand
2014 Robert Turbyfill
2013 Ken Walker, Jr
2012 Valerie Meyer
2011 Eric Weyman
2010 Mike Minium
2009 David Irving
2008 Mark and Barb Dominie
2007 Betsy Hawes
2006 Vladimir Gusiatnikov
2005 Bruce McAlister
2004 Mark and Mary Frank
2003 Liz Kotowski
2002 Evan Custer
2001 J-J Cote
2000 Frank Campbell
1999 Mikell Platt
1998 Cathy Yekenevicz
1997 Don Tall
1996 Don Davis
1995 Linda Taylor
1994 Per Stensby
1993 Jon Nash
1992 Rick Worner and Linda Kohn
1991 Al Smith
1990 Robin Shannonhouse
1989 Larry and Sara Mae Berman
1988 Kent and Caroline Ringo
1987 Russ Bruce
1986 Joannie Gunther
1985 Peter Gagarin and Cindy Fuller