Service Directory

Orienteering USA provides information on mapping service providers as a service to members and others. Inclusion of a service provider does not imply endorsement.

It's recommended that you request samples of their work and request a valid time schedule before contracting with them. Note that mappers based outside the U.S. could encounter visa issues.

Mapping Services

Rui AntunesBased in Portugal, but available world-wideField checking and cartography
Jim ArsenaultBased in New HampshireNortheast U.S. mapping; LiDAR basemaps
Jim BakerWoodland Park, ColoradoField checking including cartography, using Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM)
Gregory BalterBased in New YorkBase maps from LiDAR and other sources
Ron BirksBased in ArizonaField work in the Southwest U.S.
Rick DeWittBased in ConnecticutBasemaps, field checking, and drafting. Prefer mapping projects in the northeastern part of the U.S. (roughly Ohio eastward), but would consider projects farther afield
drb-kartografiP-O Derebrant
Summeranga mgd
S-578 95 Aneby
+46 380 82055
Base maps
Clare DurandBased in CaliforniaBasemaps and field checking
Emerald CartographyWilliam Jameson
1104 Wellington Ave
Indian Land, SC   29707
(518) 952-0402
Base maps and OCAD drafting (OCAD 12).
Daniel Heimgartner41821 Bristow Manor Drive
Ashburn, VA 20148
(540) 645-4083 cell
Cartography using OCAD.  Based in Virginia, USA
"I was born in Switzerland, have competed worldwide, and done mapping and drafting by hand and OCAD for more than 40 years. Physical limitations have left me unable to move through uneven ground, but drafting I can still do. I would welcome your OCAD work."
Coti Marian
Based in Europe
(alternative email)
Began mapping in 1987 as an amateur. Starting in 1994 I've worked as a professional mapmaker for different companies. I was employed by French Federation of Orienteering for 3 years. In 2004 I created my own company. I've mapped maybe more that 400 maps in different countries (Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Germany, France, New Caledonia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, USA,...) but the biggest part in France.
    I've worked on 2 JWOC maps (1996-Romania, France 1998 (only helped for 1 map)), 2 World Cups (2006 Clermont Ferrand-France, 2010 Annecy-France), UWOC 2000-France, EYOC 2008, 2012 France, WOC 2011-France and many other international competitions where I was the main mapmaker.
Yves Nager Based in Hawaii
(720) 251 5526
Available for mapping projects anywhere in the US or Canada. "Fieldchecking and drafting with OCAD. I am originally from Switzerland and now live in Hawaii. I have worked on more than 20 orienteering map projects since 1991. My most recent projects were for RMOC in Colorado where I mapped a total of more than 15 km^2."
Northline NavigationChris Gkikas
Based in
Asheville, North Carolina
(941) 806-7443
LiDAR basemaps, field checking, and drafting in OpenOrienteering Mapper (OOM). Available for mapping projects in the southeastern United States.
Oakdale MappingStewart Hyslop
Hastings, New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 8798078
Fax: +64 6 8798076
Base maps
Olles CartographyAles Hejna
Labkova 14
31800 Plzen
Czech Republic
Fieldchecking, cartography, visual art
Orienteering Unlimited, Inc.Ed Hicks
edhicks at
Orienteering Unlimited, Inc. is a full-service producer of maps and the orienteering adventure programs for them.
Parkside MappingDavid Cady
148 W Humboldt Pkwy
Buffalo NY 14214
Field checking, cartography using OCAD
Red Arrow MapsRed Arrow Maps
9812 Falls Rd., #114-237
Potomac, MD 20854
greg at
Base maps (often using LiDAR data) and race map production for orienteering and adventure races.
Mike SchuhBased in Washington stateBase maps and other services
Krum SergievP.O. Box 34
Craftsbury, VT 05826-0034
Field checking, cartography using OCAD
Jon TorranceBased in Washington, D.C. (USA)
Basemap creation, field checking, and OCAD cartography.  Available/authorized to work throughout the U.S. and Canada.
(Steve Smirthwaite)
Steve Smirthwaite
(based in Scotland, but with regular travels to U.S.A.)
Field checking and OCAD cartography.

References: Made LAOC national-meet map of Barton Flats.
mappers list updated 14 June 2018

O' Mapping Software

MapStudio for IllustratorAdrian Moser
amoser at
MapStudio is a plug-in for Adobe Illstrator (Mac OS) that helps you to draw orienteering maps. A tryout version can be downloaded from the MapStudio homepage.
OCADinfo at ocad.comThe Windows-based mapping program for creating orienteering maps. A demo version is available with full functionality, but limited to 500 objects. To purchase the full program, visit the webpage.
O Symbol Font
William Luitje
(luitje at
A PC TrueType font containing all symbols used for describing control points. (may be obsolete?)
Open Orienteering Mapper Free software for creating simple orienteering maps. "OpenOrienteering is a project developing a collection of tools which help with the creation of orienteering maps and the organization of orienteering events."