Orienteering Videos


Filmed at three meets in Fall 2002, "O.MOV" is a fast-paced video that captures the emotion of orienteering. Created by Art Bonanno and Chris Cassone, it features the young energy of the juniors, as well as the broader community. Eight and one-half minutes long.

To purchase the video (VHS format): The suggested price is $19.95 but the following orienteering vendor is offering the video for $15: Berman's Orienteering Supply, 617-868-7416, smlberman at verizon.net. Please direct questions, comments, and inquiries about quantity discounts (>10) to Frank Skorina at frank at skorina.com.

Orienteering technique and learning videos

Check out Orienteering USA's YouTube channel for links to cool and informative O videos. Or just start with these:

Basic orienteering skills:

Compass use:

Breseman family orienteering and navigation videos

GPS versus using map and compass for finding your way:

Links to more fun videos:

2018 Kickoff - US Junior Orienteering
Orienteering--more than just running
Team USA 2014 thanks supporters!
Orienteering: All Welcome (classic video from 1988)
Orienteering with headcam and map at Greenbelt, duration: 58:03
Ali hands off to Adrian in Ski O World Cup Sprint Relay
Ski O World Cup 2012
Alison Crocker finishing the Middle Distance Qualifier at WOC 2011
Ski WOC 2011 - Interview with Ali Crocker
O: What's That?
O.MOV: Orienteering USA
WOC 2007 Sprint Final Runthrough