Orienteering Videos

Orienteering technique and learning videos

Introductory cartoon videos for all ages from the International Orienteering Federation (IOF):

Check out Orienteering USA's YouTube channel for links to cool and informative O videos. Or just start with these:

Basic orienteering skills:

Compass use:

Breseman family orienteering and navigation videos

GPS versus using map and compass for finding your way:

Links to more fun videos:

updated 2 March 2019

An Introduction to Orienteering
Schools Orienteering
2018 Kickoff - US Junior Orienteering
Orienteering--more than just running
Team USA 2014 thanks supporters!
Orienteering: All Welcome (classic video from 1988)
Orienteering with headcam and map at Greenbelt, duration: 58:03
Ali hands off to Adrian in Ski O World Cup Sprint Relay
Ski O World Cup 2012
Alison Crocker finishing the Middle Distance Qualifier at WOC 2011
Ski WOC 2011 - Interview with Ali Crocker
O: What's That?
O.MOV: Orienteering USA
WOC 2007 Sprint Final Runthrough