Rogaine Committee Seeks Event and Course Consultants

Sept. 12, 2010--Orienteering USA has a Rogaine Committee. The Committee is composed of active rogainers and serves as a liaison with the International Rogaining Federation. The Committee is charged with the development of the sport of rogaining in the U.S., that is, its goals are to increase both the number of rogaines and the number of active rogainers in the U.S. One of the primary tasks of the Committee is rogaine sanctioning; to this extent, the Committee provides a Course Consultant and an overall Event Consultant for each rogaine that applies to Orienteering USA for sanctioning.

The U.S. Rogaine Championships — and the North American Rogaining Championships when they occur in the U.S. — require sanctioning, with a set of fees charged by O-USA much like that for regular orienteering A events. In addition to these Championships, any rogaine can apply for sanctioning, with all aspects of the course and event examined by the Committee. It is hoped that sanctioning will ensure a uniform level of quality among these events, and a useful source of support for organizers. Course and Event Consultants do not need to be members of the Rogaine Committee, and we gladly welcome all who feel they can contribute to the sport by filling these positions.

Contact: Barb Bryant (barb <dot> bryant <at> gmail <dot> com)