1985 Inaugural Silva Service Award

In 1985 an award was initiated that hopefully will continue for years to come. This award of course was the SILVA Service Award and we cannot think of a better way to epitomize what the award can mean than to look at the cover of this issue [of Orienteering USA]. In 1985 the Award was shared by two orienteers that have given their all for oursport. What the two of them stand for is also what the award stands for.

What was also very fitting about the first-time award — and also speaks well for our sport — was the fact that, as Peter put it, "It shows that O' is non-sesist; I'm sharing this award with a woman."

This article is a long time overdue in that the award was initially given during the Convention, but it wasn't until the CAOC meet that Al Smith could catch up with Cindy and give her the award as he did with Peter in New Hampshire.

This article is also serving a dual purpose — to solicit nominations for the 1986 award, and to recognize Cindy Fuller and Peter Gagarin for their unselfish efforts on behalf of Orienteering. Lots can be written about how much they have contributed but it can't be said much better than to list the qualifications as set up by Silva and to remind you to keep these things in mind when considering others for this award.

  1. Recipient must be a USOF member.
  2. Each club or BOD member can nominate one person to receive the award. This person does not have to be a member of the club nominating him/her.
  3. The award is for outstanding service to U.S. orienteering over the past five years (not for orienteering skill).
  4. The award recipient will be selected by the USOF Executive Committee (who are not themselves eligible) from the candidates submitted by the clubs and the USOF BOD.
  5. The award will be given annually at the USOF Convention.

Out hat goes off to two very fine people: Cindy Fuller and Peter Gagarin; congratulations to both of them!

Source: Orienteering USA magazine, Vol. 13 No. 9, p. 5