2010 President's Award Winners Announced

July 11, 2010--Orienteering USA President Clare Durand announced the winners of this year's President's Awards at the Annual General Meeting held in Spokane, Washington in June.

President's Awards are given at the discretion of the President of Orienteering USA, and may be awarded for any exceptional service that she deems worthy. Two individuals were awarded this year.

  • Stephanie Martineau – Stephanie took over as fundraising chair a few years ago and greatly increased donations to Orienteering USA during her tenure in that position. She spearheaded some innovations to greatly increase the visibility of the campaign while keeping costs down and helped to solicit pledges to a capital campaign needed to help fund our new Executive Director. For her exemplary efforts she is awarded a President’s Award.
  • Mike Minium – Mike served 18 years on the Board of Directors, much of it as Vice President of Program Development. He is also the driving force behind one of the USA’s most successful annual A-meets and has been responsible for helping to start numerous clubs throughout the Heartland Region. Last year when he stepped down from the board, it was announced that an oversight had been made. I promised to Mike and the membership that he would receive a President’s Award this year, and I’m following through with this well-deserved and overdue Award.

Clare Durand

Orienteering USA President

11 July 2010