Orienteering USA Launches New Look for Sport

Orienteering USA logoAs one of the first steps in the strategic plan, Orienteering USA has launched a new brand identity for the sport of orienteering. Focusing around the concept of “discovery” this campaign is called “Discover Orienteering. Discover Yourself.”

“The concept of discovery is central to what our sport is all about,” said Orienteering USA Executive Director Glen Schorr, “think about the first time you found that control, or moved up a course, or shaved a minute off your time.  It is all about personal discovery.”

A series of materials were presented at the June Annual General Meeting in Spokane, Washington.  Most of the materials have been designed to not only promote the sport of orienteering but to also allow clubs to customize them with their logo and specific information.

All of the artwork can be found on the Orienteering USA website in the Club Leaders section (go to Promotional Materials now). Loaded in multiple formats, they are designed to be downloaded, customized and printed by the club.

“This work has been designed to promote the sport but to also be easy to execute at the club level,” continued Schorr, “it can be designed on a home computer and printed at the local FedEx Office store. ” [Or UPS Store, Kinkos, Staples, etc.]

If clubs desire additional customization or have ideas for new materials (Trail-O will be developed), contact Glen Schorr.

14 Sep 2010