Ski WOC Team selection criteria updated

The ESC will consider portfolios for the 2011 Ski WOC team for up to two additional slots on both the Men's and Women's teams. The ESC may choose alternates. Previous races up to January 16, 2011 will be considered in the selection process. The ESC will announce the additional team members by January 30, 2011. Preference in selection will go to those individuals who have recent (the previous and current seasons) experience on international standard courses overseas. The ESC strongly encourages individuals who did not compete on such courses in the 2009/2010 season to do so in the 2010-2011 season. This includes World Ranking Events, Regional competitions, and national level competitions in Europe such as the pre-WOC races in Sweden (December 2010) and the 2011 Ski-O Tour. Submit portfolios no later than January 20, 2011. An individual who desires to resubmit their 2010 portfolio without any changes/updates may do so with a simple e-mail message. Send portfolios to Rick Worner and Alan Oprsal.