Rogaining committee seeks volunteers

The Orienteering USA Rogaining Committee is seeking members for the subcommittees listed below. If you are part of the rogaining community and would like to help us nurture this sport in the U.S. and North America, please volunteer! I am also happy to entertain your suggestions for people you think would do a good job serving on these committees; please send them to Barb Bryant. (barb [dot] bryant [at] gmail [dot] com)

  • Sanctioning and championships
    Maintain a list of event and course consultants. Build knowledge base amongst those people, and document it so more people can be trained. Assign consultants to events that are sanctioned. Solicit and handle sanctioning applications. Write rogaining-specific sanctioning procedures based on those for Orienteering USA A events and IRF’s procedures.

  • Rogaine-making and scheduling
    Communicate with anyone (orienteering clubs, adventure race companies) likely to be convinced to put on a rogaine and encourage them to do so. Help them think through how they might do it, where, when, and what it takes to make it a good event. Encourage them to get sanctioning. Get the events on the rogaine calendar and planning calendar (and other calendars) as soon as there is a reasonable tentative date.

  • PR
    Figure out ways to market rogaines more widely. Get rogaining articles into adventure racing media. Advertise rogaines to adventure racers and runners and hikers. Start Facebook page for Orienteering USA Rogaining. Develop relationships with adventure racing and hiking organizations.

  • History
    Capture results, maps, stories from past rogaines and all rogaines going forward. Perhaps RouteGadget or the like for capturing routes.

  • Team
    Develop a plan to build a U.S. rogaining team. If the World Rogaining Championships needs to be restricted, develop guidelines for selecting competitors.

  • IRF relations
    Shepherd us through Orienteering USA membership in the International Rogaining Federation. Manage communications and projects with IRF, including North American Rogaining Championships (NARC).