2011 Golden Troll Award recipients

Ruth Bromer (BOK)

Ruth has been the hard-working and accommodating registrar and treasurer for all of BOK's “A” meet, including five championships of various types, a WRE, and four additional “A” meets. She is currently working with CSU as a co-event consultant for the 2011 Individual Championships. She has worked to bring orienteering programs into local schools and trained Interscholastic teams. Ruth also works hard within her local club on youth programs like String O and making sure all courses are set at an appropriate level.

Bob Cooley (BAOC)

As BAOC mapping director, Bob has been behind every map used at a BAOC A-meet, either as the mapper or directing the work of other professional mappers. Bob is also one of the world experts on the fine art of high resolution ink jet printing of maps and has assisted other clubs with map printing issues. He spends many hours personally updating maps before an A-meet, and printing all of the maps that the club uses. Bob has also worked as course setter and vetter for multiple A-meets, and is a highly ranked international radio orienteer, who introduced radio orienteering to his local area.

Valerie Meyer (QOC)

For years Valerie has selflessly donated her time to clubs other than her own, to the point where she has become a fixture behind the computer at local and national meets across the country. She has put in countless hours learning the epunch software, adding her own equipment and modifications, and getting her system down to a fine art. She never seems to turn down a request to handle epunch for another club’s A-meet. It is invaluable to a small club to be able to turn the finish and results duties over to someone who handles them with such thoroughness and professionalism.

David Waller (OCIN)

A relative newcomer to the sport, David Waller is an extremely active OCIN volunteer. In addition to setting and directing numerous local meets, including junior league events, David has progressed to serve as both vetter and course setter at OCIN’s annual Flying Pig A-meet, insuring both course quality and the smooth running of this highly regarded event.

The 2011 recipients were nominated in accordance with the guidelines and accepted by the recognitions committee consisting of Clare Durand, Peter Goodwin, Amy Williams, and Susan Dewitt.

6 Aug 2011