2011 Silva Award Winner Eric Weyman

Eric Weyman, DVOA, winner of 2011 Silva AwardEric has been orienteering for over 30 years and is perhaps the most respected mapping and course consulting volunteer in the country. While his contributions are well known in certain circles, his understated approach makes him less visible than many on the national stage. With his involvement in mapping and technical issues, Eric has had a tremendous impact on the quality of top events in this country.

Eric’s recent accomplishments include assisting clubs with mapping projects and up-to-date mapping technology, and teaching others to map. He has helped to revise and update course guidelines and rules to modern standards, and provided course consulting for a huge variety of meets – especially those most important to our top competitors, the team trials.

These recent accomplishments are merely the continuation of a level of service that goes back for decades. Eric has been involved in high-quality meet administration as course designer and consultant for most of his orienteering history. In addition to helping insure quality for our top competitors, he has also represented the US on the international stage as a team member at six WOCs.

Eric was intimately involved as a member of the technical team for the 1993 World Orienteering Championships held in the US. His mapping and course designing expertise were invaluable to making that event worthy of the World Championship title.

Orienteering USA is truly privileged to have a member such as Eric providing such tremendous service to keep our standards high.

Photo by Julie Keim

5 Aug 2011