Proposal for Orienteering USA to host a future WOC

In April of 2011, the Orienteering USA board received and discussed a proposal by the Danish orienteering federation to share responsibility for consecutive World Orienteering Championships.  The proposal included the following general points:

  • Denmark and the U.S. will jointly apply for WOC 2017 and 2018.
  • U.S. staff will be trained at the Danish WOC in 2017, and will help out.
  • Danish staff will help U.S. orienteers prepare for WOC 2018, and help at the event.

At the summer Convention near Rochester, New York, a group session of interested Orienteering USA members assembled, with discussions led by Peter Goodwin, new Orienteering USA president.  More discussion is needed before a decision is made.

> Summary of group session (pdf)

Interested Orienteering USA members who are members of the discussion forum USOFClubnet can add their comments there.