Request for Proposal -- U.S. Orienteering Team Uniforms

October 3, 2011

TO:        Orienteering Uniform Manufacturers & Suppliers
FROM:    Glen Schorr, Executive Director
RE:    Team Uniforms Request for Proposal, U.S. National Team Program

To the Orienteering Uniform Manufacturers & Suppliers,

On behalf of the United States Orienteering Federation and our national team we issue this request for proposals.  Orienteering USA is looking for a supplier to outfit our teams for the competition years 2012, 2013 and 2014. Here is information about our program.


  • Established in 1971, Orienteering USA has served as the federation for orienteering in the United States. Currently the federation is made up of over 50 clubs from around the country.
  • As part of our organizational structure, and through the efforts of a strong volunteer community, we have regularly fielded full or near-full teams at IOF world championship events in the following disciplines:  World Orienteering Championships, Junior World Orienteering Championships, World Trail Orienteering Championships and World Ski Orienteering Championships. In addition we regularly field a full squad at the World University Orienteering Championships.

Our World Championship Squads

  • World Orienteering Championship (WOC) Team: approximately twelve athletes/ team leaders per year.  Some athletes compete consecutive years.
  • Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC) Team: approximately twelve athletes/ team leaders per year. Some athletes compete consecutive years or compete for the WOC team.
  • World University Orienteering Championship Team: approximately twelve athletes/ team leaders in 2012 and 2014.  Some athletes will compete on JWOC and WOC teams as well.
  • World Trail Orienteering Championship Team: approximately seven athletes/team leaders per year.  Some athletes compete consecutive years.
  • World Ski Orienteering Championship Team: approximately ten athletes/ team leaders in 2013.

What we are looking for

  • We are looking for a partner to provide racing uniforms and outerwear for all or most the following teams: Senior Team, Junior Team, World University Team (all foot), Trail Orienteering Team and Ski Orienteering Team.  Exact uniform specifications would be provided to interested parties.
  • We are looking for a partner that will provide additional marketing and financial consideration to Orienteering USA and its national team program.  Marketing, advertising and other organizational and team assets would be provided in exchange for this compensation.

Sources of revenue for your company

  • Purchase of additional uniforms, etc by the teams.
  • Purchase of Team USA uniform pieces by the greater United States orienteering community.  
  • Establishing a link for your company to work directly with United States orienteering clubs.

What is important to our athletes and our organization?

  • Product quality - First and foremost. Uniforms must meet elite level standards in performance and fit. Outerwear must be attractive and fit appropriately.
  • Customer service - Recognizing that some of our partners source product from overseas, we need to work closely with you regarding lead times, customs and tariffs, etc.
  • Financial and marketing support – Recognizing that you wish to grow with us; we need your financial and marketing support to help grow our team.

Next steps

  • By October 25, 2011, interested parties should contact Glen Schorr if you wish to continue with this conversation.

Thank you for your consideration.