Alison Crocker's 8th place in Ski WOC 2011 spotlighted by IOF

The International Orienteering Federation published a profile of 2011 U.S. ski orienteering team member and foot orienteering standing team member Alison Crocker of Amherst, Massachusetts.  Orienteering USA recently recognized Ali as 2010 Comet of the Year for her continuing improvement in the sport.  Congratulations to Ali for her spectacular success at this year's ski orienteering world championships!  We wish her many years of future competition representing the U.S.

The IOF article, by Erik Borg, states: "eight[h] place, which is the best ever individual result of any North American orienteer in IOF World Championships".  While true for elite foot orienteering, U.S. athletes have medaled in trail orienteering and world master's orienteering competition, and attained a similar 8th position at the 1999 junior world championships (U.S. team member Samantha Saeger).