Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup / Future Champions Cup rules for 2012

The Björn Kjellström Cup, named after a Swede who was instrumental in introducing orienteering in North America, is a competition between the national teams of the USA and Canada at the senior level. It is held every two years at the North American Orienteering Championships. It was first awarded in 1980. At the most recent NAOC, in British Columbia in 2010, the cup was won by the USA in a spirited and very close competition.

The next NAOC will be hosted by DVOA in October 2012, just a year from now. The event will take place in northeastern Pennsylvania, near the Delaware Water Gap.

For 2012 there will now also be team competition between the countries at the junior level, with the Future Champions Cup awarded to the winning team. The hope is that this will bring the same level of excitement and recognition for the juniors as the BK Cup has for the seniors. And hopefully a lot of work will be put into training and preparation because, need I say, it is a lot more fun to be on the winning side.

Info about the 2012 NAOC:

The rules for the BK and FC Cups are as follows:

Björn Kjellström Cup (BK Cup)

Eligibility and Scoring (for 2012 and future years)

  1. Eligibility: Runners must have full passport-holding citizenship of the country they are representing prior to the start of a race. Runners must also be members in good standing of the national federation they are representing prior to the start of a race. In case there is a need for last-minute membership (new or renewal), it will be sufficient to give the necessary paperwork and payment to the event director or his/her designated subordinate.
    Before the competitions begin, any runners who are potentially eligible to represent more than one North American Federation must declare which country they intend to represent. Because this cup is a friendly competition, on a trial basis, there will not be a “credentials committee” but protests will be referred to a jury to determine eligibility.
  2. Scoring:
    • Individual Events: There are three individual events for both men and women. Each is scored separately with 25 for first, then 22, 19, 16, 13, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The best three for each country count.
    • Relay: 50 points for first team, 30 for second, 20 for third, 10 for fourth. Note that to get points, a team has to finish within the time limit (which might be quite tight). No points for DQ or DNF. The overall score for each country is based on combined scores for men and women. In case of a tie, the cup is retained by the country in possession of it.

Future Champions Cup (FC Cup, a Junior version of the BK Cup, new for 2012)

Eligibility and Scoring (for 2012 and future years)

  1. Eligibility: Same as for Seniors.
  2. Scoring:
    1. For the individual events when there are separate M-20 and F-20 and M-18 and F-18 classes (as currently the practice in the USA), each class and race will be scored separately with 15 for first, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The best three for each country count.
    2. For the individual events when there are M17-20 and F17-20 classes (as currently the practice in Canada), the junior scoring will be the same as for the seniors' BK Cup.
    3. The relay—and there will be just a M-20 relay and a F-20 relay—is scored as for the seniors.
  3. In situations where junior classes run the same course as the senior classes, juniors are eligible to be scored as both a junior and a senior.
  4. The Junior event will be called the Future Champions Cup.

Peter Gagarin
Former U.S. Team Member