2012 Silva Award Winner, Valerie Meyer

Valerie Meyer is the undisputed expert for electronic scoring in the United States. Her knowledge of the SportIdent scoring system is unmatched. She has volunteered countless hours administering the USOF/OUSA Sportident loan equipment, mailing equipment to clubs, and fielding cell phone calls and text messages from clubs and individuals in the midst of SportIdent Meltdown. She has volunteered selflessly to the benefit of the U.S. Orienteering Teams, and loaned her own equipment for U.S. Team use at no cost to the Team. She pushes the envelope of electronic scoring technology, investing her own money into radio controls and other technologies which allow a better spectator experience at major U.S. events.

Valerie Meyer's volunteerism, work ethic, quality standards, and service to North American orienteering reflect great credit upon herself; her club, Quantico Orienteering Club; Orienteering USA; and the entire orienteering community in the United States.


5 Sep 2012