2013 Proposed Bylaws Changes

As we approach the AGM in Tahoe, you should note that there are some by-laws changes on the agenda. These changes have been approved by the board to send to the AGM, and it is felt that they are very important for Orienteering USA as we move forward.

Included are three documents (combined into one PDF file):

  1. The first is a memo indicating what the changes are meant to do and why they are important to make.
  2. The second shows the changes to the Membership By-Laws. The document has “cross-outs” for things that are going to be deleted and the additions are in red type.
  3. The third show the changes related to event promoters (the words in parentheses in red). The rest of the document indicates the policies that the board will follow carrying out this By-Laws change.

Your questions before the meeting are encouraged. They can be directed to the president or executive director or other board members. You can also post to the USOFClubnet and we will try to answer your questions there as well.

Peter Goodwin
Orienteering USA President