Golden Troll 2013 Nominations sought

The Annual General Meeting of Orienteering USA will be held on Saturday, July 27th as part of the Sierra Summerfest in Truckee, California. One of the highlights of the AGM will be the naming of the recipients of the Silva and Golden Troll Awards. It’s now time for Orienteering USA’s member clubs to determine whom they would like to nominate for these prestigious honors. There are a lot of orienteers giving a lot of themselves to advance orienteering in this country. The Silva and Golden Troll Awards programs are a wonderful way of honoring these people. We hope that you, and other members of your club, take part this year by submitting a nomination for either or both programs.

Please note that the nomination deadline for these awards is Saturday, June 15th, 2013, which is coming up quickly. Nominations for the Silva Award go to Jon Nash (jonnash [AT] while Golden Troll nominations go to Clare Durand (rules [AT]

Orienteering USA Golden Troll Award

Call for Nominations


The purpose of the Orienteering USA Golden Troll Award is to recognize those individuals who have provided exceptional service to the sport of orienteering that extends beyond the local club level.

Rules for Nominations:

Each chartered club may nominate ONE person annually for the Golden Troll Award. The nominee does not need to be a member of that club; they may be from another club. Nominations are deemed to come from the primary club of the person making the nomination. In the event that more than one nomination is received from the same club, the volunteer recognitions committee will determine which single nomination from that club is the most deserving for that year. There is no limit to the number of clubs that may have an awardee each year. Awards will be presented to every club's nominee provided they meet the award criteria.

Any individual may only receive the Golden Troll Award once.

Golden Troll Criteria:

Please be sure that the description of service for the nominee clearly meets the two following criteria.

  1. Service is as a volunteer (no profit was made in performing the service)
  2. Service extends beyond the club level —
    Examples include serving on national board or committees, holding key positions at A-meets, putting on training camps or events that serve a regional or national base, etc.

How to Nominate:

Please submit nominations via email to Clare Durand –
Nominations must be received by June 15, 2013 to be eligible for a 2013 Golden Troll Award.

Include the following information:

  • Nominee's name and Club
  • Name, Title, and Club of person submitting the nomination
  • Description of the nominee's volunteer service to orienteering. Please be sure to address both required criteria.