2012 Orienteering USA Competitive Award winners announced



The Orienteering Awards Committee, made up of Linda Kohn, Patrick Nuss, Boris Granovskiy, Peter Gagarin, and Peter Goodwin, is pleased to announce the 2012 Orienteering Awards for outstanding performance at the national and international level.

The awards and winners:

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Ali on relay course at WOC 2012


Orienteer of the Year

Awarded to the best U.S. orienteer in 2012, based on results at national and international events.

Winner: Alison Crocker, Toledo, Ohio; Cambridge Sports Union

Alison (aka Ali), a member of Cambridge Sports Union, produced world-class results this past year and was a step ahead of the rest.  She won the most U.S. Championship medals, made the most WOC finals, and was responsible for two of the big “Whoa!” moments this year: almost winning her sprint heat, and handing off in 3rd place in the relay at WOC.

Photo: Ali on WOC 2012 Relay course, by Greg Walker



Junior Orienteer of the Year

Awarded to the best U.S. orienteer no older than 20 in 2012, based on results at national and international events.

Winner: Andrew Childs, Williston, VT, Green Mountain Orienteering Club

Andrew had a very impressive showing at the North American Orienteering Championships. He won a silver medal in M21 at NAOCs, which is probably the single best result by a junior this year. He ran well at the Junior World Orienteering Championships and helped the USA Juniors tie for the Future Champions Cup that pits U.S. and Canadian Juniors against each other.



Comet of the Year

Awarded to the most improved U.S. orienteer in 2012, based on results at national and international events.

Winner: Giacomo Barbone, Cambridge, MA, Cambridge Sports Union

Giacomo made the jump from the junior to senior team in style, making the WOC Team in his first year as a senior and performing well the whole year. Moving up at that level takes a lot more, since the competition is more intense than in the junior categories.  





Orienteering Team of the Year

Awarded to the best USA national or club orienteering team in 2012, based on results at national and international events.

Winner: Senior USA Orienteering Team for winning the Björn Kjellström Cup

   The Senior Team at NAOC won all 6 individual NAOC titles, the Björn Kjellström Cup and the women's relay. This is the second NAOC in a row where the Senior Team has taken the Björn Kjellström Cup.

including (pictured left to right):

     Eric Bone, Cascade Orienteering Club
     Ken Walker, Quantico Orienteering Club
     Wyatt Riley, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
     Boris Granovskiy, Cambridge Sports Union
     Samantha Saeger, New England Orienteering Club
     Ross Smith, Cambridge Sports Union
     Alison Campbell, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association 
     Alison Crocker, Cambridge Sports Union
     Alexandra Jospe, Cambridge Sports Union
     Angelica Riley, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
     Kseniya Popova, Hudson Valley Orienteering
     Sergei Zhyk, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association
     Cristina Luis, Tucson Orienteering Club and Nydalens SK [Norway]
     Andrew Childs, Green Mountain Orienteering Club
(shown with Orienteering USA President Peter Goodwin, holding the Björn Kjellström Cup; photo by Julie Keim)

Honorable Mentions:

Junior of the Year: Ethan Childs, Williston, VT; Green Mountain Orienteering Club

Honorable mention to Ethan who ran very well at the JWOCs and also helped win the Future Champions Cup.



Comet of the Year: Isabel Bryant and Will Hubsch

   Isabel won her relay leg at the U.S. Relay Champs and did well for a person of her age and experience at the
2012 JWOC. She made substantial progress in her orienteering ability during the year and keeps on improving.
   Will moved up to running red and is doing well in that category. At the NAOCs,
he ran in M18 and won 2nd, 1st, and 1st at the NAOC.

Orienteering Team of the Year: Junior Team USA and Francis Marion Military Academy

     The Junior Team did well at the NAOCs and tied Canada for the Future Champions Cup even though many on the team were not “seasoned” runners. The fact that they were not seasoned, and were able to hold their own against Canada, bodes well for the future of the Junior Team at the JWOCs.

     Francis Marion Military Academy in Florida won both the Eastern States Interscholastic Champs (at the Flying Pig A-meet in Ohio) and the National Interscholastic Championships (at the Orienteering, FTW! A-meet in Washington State). They also won the JROTC trophies. If you expand the view of “the team”, their JV team did well too, finishing 2nd overall at both events, and 1st among the JROTC teams.


Congratulations to our winners!

Peter Goodwin, President
Orienteering USA

Competition awards eligibility:

To be awarded any of the individual awards a nominee has to be a USA citizen, and must be a member of Orienteering USA in good standing during the current calendar year. Additionally, for the Junior Orienteer of the Year award, the nominee has to be no older than 20 at the end of the calendar year. To be selected for the Orienteering Team of the Year award, all team members have to be Orienteering USA members and represent the U.S. or an OUSA chartered club in competition.

Competitors in any forms of orienteering are eligible, including Foot O, Ski O, Mountain Bike O, Trail O, and Rogaining.

The award winners were selected by a committee appointed by Orienteering USA from a list of candidates nominated by members of the U.S. and international orienteering communities.

The selection committee consists of:
Peter Goodwin (Orienteering USA VP Competition), committee chair
Patrick Nuss
Peter Gagarin (former U.S. team member, coach, Executive Steering Committee chairman)
Boris Granovskiy (U.S. team member, frequent U.S. team leader at the Junior World Orienteering Championships)
Linda Kohn (ESC chairwoman, former U.S. team member)

26 Jan 2013