2013 President's Awards

Jeff Saeger and Janet Porter were presented with Orienteering USA President’s Awards for their long time service to the Junior Orienteering Team. For many years, these two people were “the” people who made the team work. Jeff coached more juniors than he could probably count and Janet (and her husband who was a loyal worker) fed more meals to juniors and coaches at training camps than she could count and also was a constant fixture at A-Meets where cooking burgers helped pay for the trips to the Junior WOCs.

The contributions made by these two individuals provided the strong base from which to continue to build the Junior Program. They also helped to instill enthusiasm in the sport and many juniors with whom they worked have moved to the next level, the WOC team. The President’s Awards recognize the many years of service from Janet and Jeff. We all owe them a big thank you.

May 10, 2013

[at right: Janet Porter (l) and Jeff Saeger (r) receive President's Awards from Orienteering USA president Peter Goodwin, May 10, 2013, at Camp Wakpominee in New York. PHOTO: Nadim Ahmed]