2013 Silva Award Winner, Ken Walker, Jr

The candidates for this year's Silva Award were impressive. Jon Nash, past winner of the Silva Award and long time coordinator of the nominations said that this was the strongest field of candidates that he has seen in years. Those putting forth nominations this year might take note because if your candidate was not chosen this year, you may re-submit for next year's award.

Ken has been a member of the U.S. team, has represented the US internationally, and has won the Billygoat. He has five Billygoat shirts. He has been U.S. Champion, including multiple relay championships for his primary Club; he also often helps pull controls.

A dozen or so years ago, Ken had a vision and he followed that vision to its end. In the process, he has helped people to train, kept the orienteering community together, and provided for lively interaction amongst orienteers.

What he started might have been done by someone else but he has followed through to this day. There are times that the discussion may get a bit too lively but Attackpoint has definitely changed orienteering in the USA.

For this contribution to our orienteering community, Ken Walker, Jr., has been voted the winner of the Silva Award.


8 Aug 2013