2013 U.S. Team to the Junior World Orienteering Championship

The JWOC Selections Committee is thrilled to announce the Team that will be representing the USA at the 2013 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) in the Czech Republic in July:

Meg Parson, NEOC
Isabel Bryant, CSU and NEOC
Anne Wilkinson, COC
Barbara Ziolkoski, GAOC
Anna Breton, HVO
Danielle Spencer, COC
Elina Breton, HVO (1st Alternate)
Olivia Golden, NTOA (2nd Alternate)
Katrina Weinmann, COC (3rd Alternate)
Jennifer Perry, COC (4th Alternate)

Carl Underwood, NEOC
Will Hubsch, LAOC
Nate Ohrwaschel, DVOA
Zac Barker, DVOA
Matt Stout, GAOC
Ethan Childs, GMOC
Connor Frost, GAOC (1st Alternate)
Jacob (Jake) Grant, USMAOC (2nd Alternate)
William (Duncan) Miller, USMAOC (3rd Alternate)
Austin Fowler, GAOC (4th Alternate)

Six men and six women will compete at JWOC.  Alternates will substitute for Team members who are unable to compete due to illness, injury or lack of readiness.

Mathew Rogers (COC) and Zachary Lyons (ROC) also made the team, but declined. Matej Sebo (BAOC) is a member of the Junior Standing Team, and had a very high ranking, but is ineligible due to citizenship requirements.

All Team members but one were previously named to the Junior Standing Team and have been training and working with Team Coach Erin Schirm since early March or before.   They will continue to train and compete until JWOC starts on June 30.  This year, they will have 12 days of training in the Czech Republic prior to the championship races. Juniors and other supporters who come to spectate at JWOC will have the pleasure of watching the JWOC races in the mornings, and competing on the same terrain in the afternoons (see http://www.jwoctour.cz/jwoctour for more information).  We hope that the United States orienteering community will support our Team by following their progress and by donating to the Junior Team to help the athletes with the cost of the trip.

In our consideration of the candidates who petitioned, we took two things into account. We looked first at competition results, and secondly at whether the individual was truly ready to compete at JWOC. We used the petitions and our knowledge of each individual to make these decisions. Each athlete addressed these questions in their petitions: why they want to attend JWOC, what evidence they could provide to show they are capable to compete at JWOC, and what plans they have to continue their training to be prepared for JWOC.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these promising young athletes, and we look forward to watching them compete at West Point, the US Individual Championships/Senior Team Trials, and in Europe this summer.

Further information about each team member can be found on the JWOC Team page.

Thank you for your past and continued support!

2013 JWOC Selections Committee
Erin Schirm, Orienteering USA Junior Team Coach
Amy Williams, Orienteering USA Vice President for Competition
Barb Bryant, Orienteering USA Junior Team Administrator