Anti-Doping Information

This news item is specifically written for Junior U.S. Orienteers but is relevant to others as well:

If you use medication, then either use a medication that is allowed under IOF anti-doping rules, or have a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) for the medication. If you are in the IOF Registered Testing Pool, or compete in IOF Events (in this context: World Championships, Junior World Championships, World Cup, and Senior Regional [continental] Championships in all recognized orienteering disciplines), you need a TUE from the IOF for medications that are not allowed automatically.  

How to submit a TUE:  The TUE form is available here (PDF) and needs to filled out both by you and your doctor. 

Send with the application all relevant medical documents (comprehensive medical history, results of all relevant examinations and laboratory investigations). In the case of asthma, it is also important to explain why this medication is used, and not a medication that is allowed by WADA. These documents can be sent as scanned copies via e-mail to:

anna.jacobson [at]

Make sure that you check the WADA Prohibited List before you get a new medication.

If you have any questions about anti-doping matters, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Jacobson at the e-mail address given above.  You can also check with American orienteer and doctor Lex Bundschuh, unofam [at]

More information on anti-doping:

Athletes who take asthma medicine (about 20% of athletes) may need to get a TUE.  From a reading of, some asthma meds are OK.  From WADA's "Medical Information to Support the Decisions of TUECs Asthma":  

    The use of all beta-2 agonists including their D- and L-isomers are prohibited in sport.  Therefore the use of salbutamol, terbutaline, salmeterol and formoterol when administered by inhalation, now require a Therapeutic Use Exception...

    ... A declaration of use must be completed by the Athlete for inhaled glucocorticosteroids.  GCS used by systemic routes require at TUE.

It is important that you take the medications that you need to treat your conditions.  If you need help or advice please contact your doctor, Lex Bundschuh, or the Junior Team Administrator.

Other interesting facts:  Nicotine and caffeine are on WADA's monitoring program (not prohibited, but being watched for patterns of misuse in sport).  Alcohol is prohibited by WADA in-competition, except for bowling :-).

Play true.