Noname to Outfit Team USA

Orienteering USA has announced that it has come to an agreement with the Finnish athletic high performance clothing manufacturer Noname to be the uniform supplier for the United States Orienteering Team.  Representing over 50 athletes, Team USA is comprised of Senior, Junior, World University, Mountain Bike, Ski and Trail orienteering squads.

These teams will compete in a series of World Championships headlined by the World Orienteering Championships held this July in Trentino, Italy.

“We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Noname,” said Orienteering USA Vice President Charlie Bleau.

“Noname is proud to partner with Orienteering USA. We are looking for a great partnership. Orienteering USA is joining other national teams who trust our products: Norway, France, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Japan,” said Robert Lazzaroni from Noname.

Noname is a genuine Scandinavian sports brand, established in 1999, specializing in design, production and sales of custom made sport textiles for clubs and companies. At Noname we live and breathe orienteering, running, skiing and cycling: it’s in our veins and it’s built into our textiles. Noname sports gear lives up to the highest standards of every aspect in sports textiles. The excellent function and style is designed by people who love their sport. No matter if you are a world class athlete or if you just exercise for your own fun; we have the products that will help you go all the way.

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 updated 27 February 2014