Strategic Plan Review -- Your Comments Welcome

The Strategic Planning Committee has published a draft proposal to guide the way that Orienteering USA should move forward in the next few years. As a work-in-progress, improvements can and will be made to the plan, and we request the help of the U.S. orienteering community.

Our hope is that the Plan is made final by late summer 2014 so that the Board can adopt it at their Fall Board meeting, and align the budget with the Strategic Plan. We are looking for comments, ideas, and contributions to make the Plan a useful roadmap.

The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of Gavin Wyatt-Maier, Alex Jospe, Glen Schorr, Lisa Carr, Greg Lennon, and Peter Goodwin (chair).

If you have ideas that you want to be included in the discussion and formulated in policy, contact me at pgwolfe66 at gmail dot com. This will ensure that your comments are seen by the committee and the board.

The plan is not perfect as it has been written. How can it be made better? The current version of the draft plan and the progress report are linked at the top of the Board Documents page, and on the first link below.

Peter Goodwin
President Orienteering USA