2014 Call for World Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) Team Applications

Orienteering USA is pleased to once again announce the formation of an elite bike team to represent the U.S. in this summer's 12th World MTB Orienteering Championships, held in Bialystok, Poland from August 24–31. All competition details, including rules (but most importantly Race Bulletins), may be viewed at URL: http://www.wmtboc2014.pl/en

We will name individuals to the Orienteering USA 2014 MTBO team based on self-nomination and decisions by the Orienteering USA 2014 MTBO Review Panel (Greg Lennon, Chair). We intend to potentially name qualified men and women to participate in the World Champs (elite; "ME" and "WE") competition, and if there are qualified candidates, in the World Junior competition.

The Panel recognizes that although MTBO in the U.S. is growing, it is still at an early stage, with the first full teams with both genders competing only last year. More importantly, there is clearly sufficient interest in the U.S. cycling, orienteering and adventure racing communities to support MTBO and to give motivated MTB-orienteers a chance to compete on a world stage, with a significant fraction of racing expenses supported by Orienteering USA and multiple donors.

Therefore, please consider applying to be named to the Orienteering USA Elite MTBO team based on being at least 21 years of age (unless you are a junior), being a U.S. citizen (with a passport), and meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Participation at an advanced level in MTBO events, nationally or internationally; please submit at least a URL to the event, map and course details and competitors results where possible;
  • Participation in and results from other bike-related competitions and rankings, including but not limited to mountain bike (trail) races, cyclocross races, adventure races including biking, and USA Cycling sanctioned races including MTB cross-country and Super D [USA Cycling license holders should indicate their racing categories];
  • Membership and participation in bike-affiliated organizations such as USA Cycling, IMBA, and regional clubs and organizations;
  • Membership in Orienteering USA;
  • Familiarity with the IOF MTB Orienteering Competition rules 2010, and the International Specification for MTB Orienteering Maps 2010;
  • Access to, via ownership or loan, a competition-quality 26 to 29 inch mountain bike, suitably equipped for the World Championships as outlined in the event bulletins, including puncture protection;
  • Photos and videos of particularly competitive races and rides, including headcam videos;
  • A level of physical fitness and body composition commensurate with elite performance;
  • Ability to potentially attend one or more training camps prior to the WMTBOC;
  • If known at this time, an indication of which races (Sprint, Middle, Long, Relay) are of highest interest for you to compete in; and,
  • Sufficient independent financial support to underwrite a significant fraction of your competition, travel, equipment and related expenses.

We look forward to hearing from you. Nominations should be received by email to greg_lennon [at] orienteeringusa [dot] org before May 15; please make sure to include full contact information, including telephone number(s). Review Panel decisions will be final and there will be no appeal or grievance process. Team members will be notified and named as soon as possible; accepted individuals will need to sign an agreement with Orienteering USA regarding their participation in this program.

-Greg Lennon, MTBO Committee Chair